Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sweet Treats

The last few months of the year are always filled with sweet treats with occasions bundled together where gifts of goodies are always appreciated.

What with my birthday the last week of October, then Halloween, then bonfire night coming up and of course Christmas there are loads of reasons to put on a party and fill the table with goodies.

We were lucky enough to be sent a box of Fudge from Fudgeridoo, who sell Designer fudge in loads of flavours.

Fudgeridoo caught my eye on Facebook where they show off their mouthwatering photos of their different Fudge flavours, which they sell from their shop in Barmouth in Wales, or via mail order over the phone.

Fudgeridoo sent us 2 pieces of Fudge to try out, which arrived in a lovely little black box. The Fudge would make a perfect gift for any occasion or just to enjoy as a treat.

The two flavours we were sent were Toffee popcorn and Chocolate Junky.

The Chocolate Junky was topped with a mixture of smarties and chocolate goodies and had a rich chocolaty fudge. It looks devine and it doesn't dissapoint when you taste it.

All three of my children couldn't wait to get their hands on it, and it vanished in a blink of the eye with Thumbs up all round!

The Toffee popcorn was a creamy fudge with real popcorn dotted through out, this was not quite as nice as the Chocolate junky, as the popcorn was a touch soft and spoilt the overall taste of the fudge.

However the children soon devoured it.

There are loads of other flavours on offer and I am sure that no matter what your taste you could find something to match it, and for a birthday or Christmas treat then Fudgeridoo selection would be perfect and a little different from your regular box of chocolates.

Be sure to pop over to their facebook and see what they have on offer for yourself, they also run plenty of give a ways and offers They currently have a special offer where you buy 3 bars and get a fourth bar for free. Individual bars are priced at £2.25


  1. looks nice and I love fudge but was it not too sweet with the added chocolate?

    1. The chocolate one was lovely, we cut the bar into 4 chunks and everyone would of happily ate another piece striaght after had there have been more - not to sickly sweet at all :)

  2. Wow that is making my mouth water!! Next time you want an opinion on fudge I would be happy to help out!!

  3. Sorry, it's at Barmouth in Wales, not Bournemouth (I wish it was Bournemouth!)


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