Sunday 9 December 2012

Lottie Doll - Great girls Gifts

We were asked by the makers of Lottie Doll if we'd like to take a look at this new range of Fashion dolls, alternatives to the other dolls on the market such as Bratz, Barbie and Monster High Dolls.

Lottie fashion doll for 9 year old girl

Lottie is smaller than the other fashion dolls standing at just 7 inches tall, she is pretty and has heaps of personality, no adult tones to her clothes, no make up or tattoos just heaps of childhood focused fun, she has joints in her knees and jointed shoulders giving her plenty of flexibility, although her elbows don't bend, but this doesn't effect play at all and her clothes are easy to get on and off.

non sexy young girl fashion doll Lottie and biscuit the beagle barbie alternative

Her distinguished features are her beautiful soft hair which can be brushed or tied up, her lovely clothes which are very normal to what most young girls could visualise themselves wearing and the fun imaginative world in which she lives with emphasis on being active.

There are 6 different Lotties in the range, and 3 accessory packs we were sent Autumn Leaves Lottie and Biscuit the Beagle accessories. Other Lotties include Festival Lottie, Pony club Lottie and Snow Queen Lottie amongst others so there is bound to be a Lottie who fits with your daughters personality perfectly.

These dolls really are lovely toys, unlike the fantasy world in Monster High, or the adult themed Barbies, Lottie is very much a real child, and as which she is instantly familiar and friendly, the fact she is smaller than some other dolls means she is easily packed into a pocket or bag and is perfectly child sized, her clothes are great quality, although the little beagle decor on her jumper which attached via Velcro fell off shortly after getting her out of the box, all other clothes have withstood plenty of dress changes. Autumn Leaves Lotties comes with her outdoor outfit consisting of a coat, hat and scarf  and brown bots which all remove separately, then she has a green top, brown skirt and stripy tights again they all remove if you wish.

Lottie and Biscuit the beagle fashion doll set based on real girl body sizeAutumn Leaves Lottie and Biscuit could almost be based on Chloe herself, with the same blond hair and body shape - infact Lottie dolls have been specially created as a scaled body of a 9 year old, and with the same tomboyish attitude to being outdoors yet still wanting to look stylish Lottie really does mimic all Chloes personalities.

Which is probably the reason why Chloe took to her so much, although she  is in some ways getting abit old for playing dolls, and has never been overly interested with any of the other fashion dolls,  she was impressed with Lottie and when I suggested we should pass her along to my two nieces aged 5 and 6, she refused, and Lottie has been sat pride of place on her bedroom shelf and does get brought down to play more often than I first thought she would and my 5 year old son has been caught playing with her too whenever his sister doesn't notice!

Lottie doll girl accesory pack barbie alternative dog

Biscuit the beagle accessory pack adds instantly to the play value, giving a reason for Lottie to put her coat, hat and scarf on, as they set off out for a walk.

Biscuit comes with everything you need to recreated a home setting too, with a dogs bed, a bowl even a shoulder bag for Lottie to carry him in, a lead and a coat, I would definitely recommend purchasing Biscuit to go with any of the Lottie Dolls as this set is just so much fun not to menton totally cute!

Overall we love Lottie, she is pretty, fun and will give any child hours of imaginative play enjoyment - what more could you want.

Lottie retails at £16.99 and accessories packs just £7.99 this is great value.

If you want to find out more about Lottie she has her own great website with plenty of fun and games or you can catch up with her team on Facebook.

heres our video review of Lottie where Chloe is playing with her.

If you are struggling to think what to get a young girl this Christmas then do take a minute to look at the fantastic range of Lotties as I'm sure they would be a hit in any girls Christmas Stocking this year.


  1. Looks like a cute doll! I have 3 boys, so there aren't any dolls in my house, though.


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