Wednesday 30 January 2013

BakerDays Letterbox cakes

So we're almost through with January, Christmas all but a bit of a distant memory and everyone now looking for the next occasion to buy gifts and tell those nearest and dearest how much they mean to you.

Yes, thats right - Valentines day, in just over 2 weeks. I am, if I'm honest, not really a very romantic sort of person, and nor is Darren, we very often don't do anything much at all for Valentines day. But a few days ago I received an email from Baker Days, a company specialising in personalised cakes, which they can post straight to your door.

They asked if I'd like to try out a cake from their Letterbox range, and I thought I would surprise Darren and send him a cake.

I looked through the website, which is full of lovely designs, you can even add your own photograph to a cake, and personalise them with your own written message, or pick from their selection of messages. They have cakes for all occasions from christenings, to retirements or even just for fun or say your thinking of someone.

The designs range from cute pictures, to witty messages. In the valentine selection their is a great range of teddy bears, love hearts or more traditional red rose designs.

I wanted to pick out something I thought Darren would appreciate and would feel personal from me, as I am not really a helpless romantic so I opted for the brilliant Keep Calm design. I love the Keep Calm and Carry on traditional posters, and Darren brought me a huge Canvas for our bedroom wall at Christmas with that message on so when I saw this cake I instantly loved it.

I quickly sent off an email to BakersDays with a link to my chosen design as they requested, and I awaited the delivery.

bakerdays letterbox cake valentines love heart gift

A day or two later a box popped through my door, the cakes are perfectly designed to be able to fit through all standard letter boxes, they are packed to keep them protected so they can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

valentines gift idea keepsake love heart tinI opened up the box and was impressed with the lovely tin the cake arrived in, a beautiful cream tin with 'Just for you' embossed on the top.

Also included in the box was a mini pack of LoveHeart sweets and a little note card, such great added extras really giving a thoughtful feel.

loveheart gift sweets traditional favourite childrens sweet

I opened up the tin to reveal the cake and marvelled at it for a minute or two, then realised the name was not quite right, unfortunately they had misspelled Darren with just one R - Daren. I emailed my contact and they were very accommodating, and apologised saying they would have another cake out the next day, such great service.

I was secretly quite pleased, as this meant I could cut up and test the cake, (for review purposes obviously!) without having to spoil the gift. the cake isn't the largest cake, but if it was it would no longer fit through a letter box, or fit in the lovely keepsake tin. But it makes up for size in its taste. I had picked out the chocolate variety which was an additional £2 but I can highly recommend it!

valentine chocolate cake keep calm and carry on design

Just a day later the new cake arrived I opened up the box, to reveal once again the lovely finishing touches of Love hearts and a little card, I opened up the tin, and once again marvelled at the little cake before me.

keep calm and carry on love heart cake design

Then I noticed the name, this time had not 1 or 2 but 3 R's I couldn't help but giggle!

But please, do not think badly of BakerDays they did not misspell the name this time, I  went back to my email correspondence, and I had misspelled the name on my initial contact with them and it was indeed me who had added in the 3 R's!!!

How very silly do I feel!!

But let this be a lesson learnt, when you go over to (and you really will be happy you did) take a look at their cakes, order via the website and you will be shown a confirmation screen showing your personalisation, double check this here, I am sure had I of ordered via the site the mix up with the spelling would never of happened.

I turned to my blogging friends for advice, maybe I should photohop out to avoid looking the fool here on my blog? or simply don't included the full shot of the cake... No, that would never do, I like to be honest, but what about Darren himself, will he forgive me for misspelling his name? (I've only been with him for 14 years!) ever helpful they suggested I accompanied this lovely gift with a cute tiger, or start sexily purring his name between name and valentines day so everyone thinks I meant to add in the extra R.

I know he won't mind, because the cake really is so yummy and bedsides I bet I don't receive anything nearly as thoughtful or delicious come valentines day!

I am so sorry Bakers Days for the inconvenience and I do truly love your cakes, If you ever are stuck for that perfect thoughtful gift, no matter who it is for, or what the occasion, you will find something on BakerDays that everyone will love!

love heart valentine cake bakerdays

Why not pop over to meet the people from BakerDays on Facebook, or even tweet them here, but definitely be sure to bookmark their website.


  1. Sorry Sarah. Im giggling all over again.

  2. Haha! I love it! I reviewed a cake before Christmas and it was delicious!

  3. This would be me! I def would make amistake like that lol. Cake looks yummy!

  4. These cakes are a brilliant idea, aren't they? xx

  5. Mine at Christmas had "Tired of Mummy of Two"

    Seems spelling issues are not uncommon, but it tasted great all the same

    1. 'Tired of Mummy' lol. It might not be our last time to hear that, next will be the kids saying it!

      We loved the chocolate cake too, and your cake will be one of those Valentine's Day memory recap hehe!

  6. Looks like a lovely cake & brilliant idea!!
    Loved the spelling mistake!

  7. It is a lovely cake though...

    CJ x

  8. I am not sure if you saw my post, but i got to review one aswell

    they are such Lovely cakes :)

  9. I've got one of these coming my way soon, looking forward to it now, they look lovely x

  10. I definately think you should start to purr!! BOL


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