Monday 7 January 2013

Sew Simple - The easy way to repair frayed hems

My biggest bug bear is that childrens clothing seems to jump from one size to the next, and my children always seem to be in the middle of the range and so either have trousers which are departing the ankles or trousers which drag on the floor!

My youngest school trousers are a prime example, last year he had size 4 trousers, which were fine, but started to look too short so I went off in search of the next size up, and could only find size 5 - 6 which is much better, in terms of his socks are no longer on display constantly, but in just a few months of wear and the bottoms have frayed due to them being just abit too long.

School trousers thankfully aren't horrendously expensive, but it does seem a shame to throw out the trousers when otherwise they have alot of wear left in them.

Now if I was a domestic goddess, I would of turned up the trousers before letting my son wear them for the first time, but unfortunately I am not at all good at sewing, and don't own a sewing machine to help me out.

However, thankfully there is a solution. Bostik have an amazing product for people like me who just don't have the sewing skills. Sew Simple!

Sew Simple is primarily a fabric glue, it is a strong clear adhesive, which is flexible when dry and can bond fabric within minutes and withstand hot washes and ironing.

I was sent some Bostik Sew Simple to give a test, and when I was sorting out the School uniform for the return after the Christmas Holidays I thought I would give it ago and try to repair the frayed hems on the school trousers.

Sew Simple comes in handy 40ml tubes, the simple instructions are spread some of the sew simple glue onto both sides of fabric, leave for a minute, then press together to bond.

It really is very simple!

I managed to quickly and easily turn up the trousers repairing the frayed bottoms and rejuvenating them instantly.

The sew simple fabric glue made it so much quicker and easier than trying to find out a needle and thread, and the simple effectiveness means that it has hundreds of uses, no longer will labels need to be sewn onto clothing, or jeans thrown out due to holes in the knees. Even the old curtains and bedding which need repairs can all be easily fixed with just a coupe of minutes and a squirt of sew simple!

In fact I may even get creative and use it to make some teddy clothing which Chloe has been bugging me for ages for, and it would be perfect for drumming up school play costumes when you are suddenly confronted with the outfit required for the school production and only a few days in which to organise it.

Sew Simple really is something every home should have, and I know it will be something I will keep handy from now on.  Keep an eye out for it from your local super market or DIY store it retails around £3 and is also available online from Asda

Bostik also do a range of other products to help make life easier from childrens craft supplies essentials to extra strong wood adhesives for all the DIY tasks.

Take a look at the range online


  1. That looks like a fantastic product for non-sewers, Sarah.
    Joy xx

  2. I'm going to get me some of this!!!


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