Thursday, 14 February 2013

New additions

Its been a week since I last posted on my blog and another missed Silent Sunday, the days seem to be passing in abit of a blur at the moment, and I seem to be 10 minutes behind in everything I do.

I don't like this time of the year really, everything is cold and muddy and dull, lots of coughs and colds and sniffles, no Christmas to brighten the spirits and Spring still seems too far away.

Motivation is low, not just for my blog but for life in general, I have hardly picked up my camera which is a sure sign things aren't right! The children are all run down, tired and desperately in need of the half term break,  the school run is a pain, I struggle to rush Mikey out the door to get him to school in time for the register, and I find myself being late to fetch him too, yet nothing seems to get completed during the day. I have so much I want to get done, lots of people I am supposed to be helping out, my phone is like a constant switch board at the moment, some problems with the extended family and I seem to be the one in the middle, the one always left sorting everyone else out, whilst I try hard to keep my own head above water, but its not all doom and gloom there are plenty of exciting things happening too, things which as soon as I have the chance  I want to focus my attention on.

On the blog front, there is the Tree Fu Tom party which is approaching fast, and I'm hoping that goes well, I have invited several of Mikeys school friends as well as a long standing online friend so I hope at least some of them can make it! Mikey is very excited and I just hope I manage to get through the two hours and manage to keep up (at home with the kids and on twitter), the Sylvanian Family party we hosted a few months ago was rather manic to say the least, so I'm determined to be more organised this time. Remember to go over to Twitter and follow UKmumstv for chance to win great prizes the party is starting over there right now.

Other blog related exciting things include being accepted into the Markettiers 4dc Blogger Broadcast network, and we have been accepted as an IzziWizziKids Reviewers, both of these are exciting projects which mean I may get to review alot more interesting things over the coming months and learn how to make better videos and get to know other fantastic bloggers.

markettiers4dc -  The Broadcast Specialist - Parenting Broadcast Blogger Network

Then on a personal level there is something else stealing my time.

We have a new addition to the family, of the furry four legged kind, and she is causing no end of mischief and making her place in the family known already.

This is Lacey, the happy little Springer Spaniel Puppy.

We fetched her home just a couple of days ago and she has settled in well but this is now what I have pestering me every time I sit down with my laptop - I don't think I'll ever get anything done again, but at least shes making everyone smile! Even if I had forgot how much work it is having a puppy, the endless time stood outside saying 'do a wee' and the broken nights.


  1. Congratulations on the new addition - what a cutie!! xxx

    1. Thanks Wendy, she is meant to be Darrens dog as he has always wanted a Springer, which means I can blame him everytime she does something wrong ;)

  2. Snap!! We recently got a puppy too & at 3am in the rain waiting for him to wee, I did wonder what possessed us to agree that our daughter could have a puppy!!

    Lacey is gorgeous! How does Jackson like her?

  3. I hope half term gives you all the lift you need, not like you not to be out with the camera! Lacey has arrived at a good home x

  4. I love Spaniels. They're always happy! :)


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