Monday, 4 February 2013

Treasure every moment

My Love and thoughts are with Jennie and David, Ester and William and the rest of their family tonight.

I have no words, but my thoughts are with them as they come to terms with the loss of their beautiful daughter Matilda Mae, the world lost and angel but heaven gained the best.

Life is terribly cruel and there seems no reason,  if I could take away their pain and sorrow I would in a heartbeat.

The happiness and love filled months with Matilda Mae will be forever remembered by every one she touched with her spirit. I hope the beautiful pictures and stories Jennie shared on her blog bring comfort in the future.

Life is fragile and precious, grasp it with both hands at every opportunity, hold your loved ones close and store your memories in your heart.

Sleep Well Matilda Mae and Fly high 


  1. Can't stop crying about this. Dreading going to bed tonight as it will fill my mind again as it has done last night and all day.

  2. Replies
    1. nothing seems the right thing to say does it, but saying nothing isn't right either. RIP Matilda Mae xxx

  3. Such a terrible loss.I wonder if in time the posts Jennie wrote about Matilda Mae will offer any comfort to the family,I truly hope so.
    I think as parents we all feel this tragedy and know there is not much we can do to take the pain away for the family.They are in the blogging communities hearts at the moment for sure x


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