Wednesday 20 February 2013

Tree Fu Tom Party and Toy Review

Yesterday we hosted our Tree Fu Tom Party, with my usual disorganised style. Although I was running late we still managed to have fun with lots of excited children, lots of toys and lots of snacks.

the new range of tree fu tom toys

Hosting a Tree Fu Tom themed party is really quite easy and a great theme for a Birthday party, During the party the children enjoyed taking it in turns on the dance mat, seeing who could score the most, and make Tom say something new!

We also had a colouring competition, colouring in printable Tree Fu Tom themed posters which can be found on the cbeebies website along with other fun crafts.

colouring in prntable fun tree fu tom
We also enjoyed playing catch with the squizzles, which cost around £4 each these are great giveaway items for party bags, and make a great game of pass the squizzle, standing on one leg, or when holding the squizzle only with your knees!

tree fu tom party books squizzles funOf course just playing with the fantastic range of Tree Fu Tom themed toys entertained the children.

UkmumsTv provided us some of the brand new released Tree Fu Tom Toys, to play with and give away to our guests

The range of toys includes beautifully detailed figures which match the characters on the cbeebies TV show, These would make great Birthday gifts for all preschool children, available in single character packs priced £4.99, deluxe character packs which have additional accessories  priced around £7.99 or themed playsets which include larger accessories such as Zigzoos wagon priced £12.99 there is something to suit everyone.

play figure characters from flair
 The characters available include all the popular characters from the Tv show, including Tom himself.

tree fu tom figure character review In the deluxe Tom figure set Tom comes along with a pull back and go leafboard which all the other figures can also connect to.

There is also Twigs, Toms best friend, the fun loving little acorn sprite, who is voiced by David Tennant in the show, and a firm favourite of everyone. Or maybe you're little Tree Fu fan likes Squirmtum the big blue earwig, or even Ariela the friendly cowgirl and Ziggzoo the inventor frog who are all available to collect with great detailed true to life figures.

figure character twigs david tennant

The little figures are lovely, they state for children aged 3 and above, they do not have much movement in their joints, which my older children found slightly frustrating, but Mikey and the younger guests really didn't seem to notice, certain figures can move their arms a little, such as Squirmtum, who has 4 arms which can all move,

squirmtum character figure toy

However none of the figures legs move, which makes them more stable to stand, they all come with a base stand too, if you wish to display them on a shelf, each figure is only a couple of inches tall, but they are robust enough for little hands and very detailed so they really bring the childrens imagination out.

The larger playsets come with more accessories, we had ZigZoos waggon to look at and this is a great set the trailer is big enough to transport everyone and ZigZoo has his very own spanner to ensure he can invent something new!

ZigZoo frog character from tree fu tom toy figure

As well as the lovely range of figures, there are a range of books, from reading books to activity pads with stickers and 3D colouring in. The books are a really great quality, bright and fun.

tree fu tom 3d colouring book
 There are also more active toys in the range, as Tree Fu Tom promotes movement and exercise in children, the toys in the range are designed to do the same.

Tree Fu tom Dance mat magic moves rap mat
 The magic moves Rap Mat is brilliant and is suitable for all aged children, there are two modes for different age ranges. It plays the familiar Tree Fu Tom theme song and young children love to jump about  making up their moves. Priced £14.99 this is a great main birthday present and for children aged around 3 it is sure to be something which is well used, older children however may find it abit easy, but even if they manage to get top marks every time, it plays the familiar tune and is alot of fun to improvise with bolder movements between moves.

Here is our video review of the Rap Mat.

Another fun toy in the range is the foam  flying squizzles.

Foam Flying Squizzle fun toy new Tree Fu Tom roleplay toys
 These simple yet very fun toys are a must for all Tree Fu Tom fans a good size and perfect for throw and catch games, these have been hugely popular here, they are lightweight foam replicas of the Squizzles that Tom and his Friends play with in the shows. Along with the other role play dress up accessories in the range there is no end of Magic to be had!

here is our video where Mikey talks us through the range of toys, and if you have a little Tree Fu Fan of your own i am sure they would love any thing from the Tree Fu Tom range of merchandise.

 If you want to find out more about the Full range head over to Flair's website or follow Tree Fu Tom on facebook and Twitter to keep upto date with all the fun and competitions


  1. Charlie's next birthday presents sorted out!!! Great post!

    1. plenty of great toys to choose from and for all Tree Fu Tom fans I am sure they will all be well loved.. my favourite has to be the little Twigs character!

  2. Hello I need to get all the party stuff for 4th years old including the balloons do you have it?

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