Sunday 10 March 2013

Bath Time fun with Gelli Baff

We were sent a box of Gelli Baff to review on behalf of IzziWizi Kids

I have used Gelli baff before, about 5 years ago we got a lot of boxes for Christmas from my Gran, so we already knew what to expect, however we haven't brought any in the past few years and so my youngest hasn't ever experienced the fun of Gelli Baff.

Gelli Baff is very similar to the absorbing granules in disposable nappies, in each pack you receive a sachet of powder which you sprinkle into your running bath water and watch as it thickens up and turns your bath into Goo, a sachet of dissolver and the instructions leaflet.

It's important to note that one sachet of Gelli Baff will not make a very deep goo filled baff, only about 5cm deep, so if your children are used to having deep baths or you re expecting a bathtub full of goo then you may need more than one sachet, especially if you are going to give this a go outside in the summer in a paddling pool, its worth keeping in mind that you will need several packs of goo to avoid disappointment.

The goo itself is completely harmless and even tho it is a vibrant colour it does not stain carpets or walls.

It also gently cleans whilst your children play and is fine for even sensitive skin. My eldest suffers from eczema, and we have used this several times with him when he was younger and never had an adverse reaction, but like with most bath products try not to get it in your eyes.

Gelli Baff can be quite messy and get sploshed and splashed all over the bathroom so be prepared for that, and you'll need to rinse it out of hair, but it does dissolve easily with the dissolver supplied, which is simply table salt, so if you feel you need abit more then just poor on your everyday salt and it will dissolve back to water which is safe to drain away down the plug.

 Gelli baff is lots of fun, and a great sensory experience, and children simply love it, priced around £5 for one bath pack, it isn't the cheapest bath time activity, although you can save money the more packs you buy, or if you shop around.  Buying it as a one of gift is perfect, it makes a great childrens school friend birthday present as its almost always enjoyed.

Gelli Baff comes in a range of colours, and you can even get a Moshi Monster themed goo.

 Take a look at the Gelli baff website to see the full range and more information on prices and how much you would need to fill a paddling pool.

Gelli Baff is available from lots of online websites, and if you don't mind a bit of messy play, then pick up a pack and give it ago!

Heres a video of what Mikey made of it:


  1. Fantastic photo's. You've captured the texture perfectly! :D

  2. they are so fun to play with!

  3. Oh wow i'm going to get some of these. I've used jelly for messy play but this looks brilliant fun. x


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