Monday 4 March 2013

Easter Gift ideas - Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit puzzle

Last year we reviewed the lovely Rabbits Parade Jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger, this puzzle was a huge hit, aimed at children 8 and above with 200 pieces this was a lovely puzzle for children and one my three still love to complete.

This year we have been sent another rabbit themed puzzle to look at as part of  my Easter Gift Guide.

This time it is a more challenging 500 piece puzzle which will take abit more thought and skill to complete.

This puzzle, Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, is a great design made up of lots and lots of cuddly toy rabbits.  The pieces are small but well cut and fit together with the same great standard as other Ravensburger puzzles.

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit is part of the Perplexing puzzle range of jigsaws, made up from photographs taken by British photographer Greg Shepherd.  Included in the box is a great information sheet and additional picture for reference .

The  puzzle has over 100 rabbits, each slightly different, some pink and fluffy bunnies, and others more realistic brown furry rabbits.

This is a great puzzle and a real talking point as you search out the next bunny to connect into the jigsaw, we have not quite finished it yet and are enjoying working together to get it completed.

If you are looking for a great Easter gift for the older children or even adults then this puzzle would be perfect. Priced around £7.99 from all good Ravensbrger stockists.


  1. we are working on that puzzle... keeps grey cells ticking over!

    1. its the hardest puzzle we've been sent from Ravensburger but I am enjoying completing it!


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