Sunday 31 March 2013

Horrible Histories Toys Review

Horrible Histories is a popular childrens TV show which for the past 5 years has been encouraging childrens love of history by incorporating humour to make the gruesome facts from the past appealing to everyone

Now fans of the hit show can build their own battles and re enact great scenes from historic battlefields with the brand new range of toys from Worlds Apart.

horrible histoires packaging toy sets

The new Horrible History toys are, as you would expect, lots of fun, with the main idea behind them to fling pigs with the catapult into your opponents battlefield and knock over their men.

rotten roman horrible histories battle pack toys new 2013
The starter sets retail at £14.99 and contain everything you need to get going with a catapult and several figures and collectors cards.

horrible histories raessess the great egyptian pharoah
There are Roman and Egyptian starter packs available, in the Egyptian pack you get to lead your army with the most powerful Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesse the great, you also get 2 soldiers and 2 peasants, along with removable armour and weapons, a score board and 2 collectors cards, flying pigs and the all important catapult. In the Roman starter set you get to lead the battle with Julius Caesar.

rotten roman horrible histories battle pack toy figures
Also available are additional battle packs retailing at £9.99 which are great to boost your army,and come with an extra 4 peasants and 2 soldiers and a special golden hero figure.
horrible histories golden hero special figures

You can collect and build up your very own fictional army mixing together characters such as Blackbeard the pirate, William the conqueror, Viking Berserker and Tudor Executioner. in single blind booster packs priced at £1.99 they make great pocket money toys

horrible histories blind booster pack single figures

All characters heads remove, which my children thought was great, and the base stands double up as point scores. The different colour bases give different amounts of points, and as you knock down your opponents figures, you can take the base 'groat' and notch up your score peg accordingly.

score board for horrible histories toys

The score peg is as fun as the rest of the figures with a stake to place characters heads each time you reach 10 points, and Rattus to move along to mark your score.

horrible histories toy catapult

The toys are all very well made, with great attention to detail to make them instantly recognisable as characters from the show.
The catapult is good quality, and comes ready assembled, however you do need to attach the supplied elastic band in order to make it work correctly. Once you have attached the band you can easily fling pigs, adjusting the power to suit your need, with practise you really can get good at knocking over the enemy!

horrible history figures toy plastic pigs

These toys really are great fun, with the catapulting pigs and familiar characters from the show, abit of grizzle death mixed in with the removable heads the whole concept appeals to children of all ages.

collector cards horrible histories

There is plenty of scope to adapt the rules, and children can collect the figures, or play with the toys or battle using the collectors cards.

The collectors cards each have a historic fact on them making them a great way of learning about the characters without even realising, and each card gives extra tactics which help you beat the enemy so children love them and want to collect and read them.

We really love these toys and are sure they will be a big hit with lots of children everywhere, look out for them now in Toys R us and other good toys shops or take a look at the whole range online

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