Tuesday 28 May 2013

How to get Blog Readers?

One of the most asked questions in blogging is 'how do I get more people to read my posts?' and its something which no matter what we do, there is no guarantees to getting a post which will be read by the masses. However there are a few little tips I have picked up over the years to help you increase your readership.So below I have outlined some of the most important things to concentrate on.

How To Get More Readers.

So you've took the plunge, you've got loads of ideas and your posting regularly.

You are really enjoying writing up post, tweaking your photographs or simply sharing your stories. But  your blog feels abit lonely.

Don't be disheartened, building up a strong blog audience is not easy. There are things however which you can do to try to increase your audience.

Firstly you have to think about who you want to read your blog, that may sound abit silly, but it really is the first thing you need to consider. If you are writing a tutorial based blog, who do you think will benefit from your information? If you are writing a humours blog, who might find it the most entertaining?

Once you have an audience in mind, then you can try to locate them. If you have a specific subject to your content, such as preschool activities, then it is wise to interact with other parents of preschool children. If your blog is more fact based, around a specific sport, then targeting others with the same interest is the way to go.

So where do you find people with shared interests? 

Social Networking is great for this, with the ever growing options to interact with social media there are loads of ways you can group together with other like minded people.

Facebook, has many different groups and pages where people with similar interests gather together, as does Google+  Joining in communities with other like minded people finds you a targeted audience.

But joining a new group of people and simply spamming your blog link, isn't going to get you many popularity points. The best thing to do is naturally find a set of people who you share an intrest with, build up friendships within the communities that intrest you and then share your blog link with the members of the group.

Other social media sites such as Twitter offer a great way to find and interact with large numbers of people who potentially share the same interests as you, and Twitter is a great way to share your blog post links.

Commenting on other Blog posts is a brilliant way to build an audiences, blog writers are often the most common blog commenter's, as they are already familiar with the layout of a blog and can navigate around the comment forms easily.

Joining in Linkies such as The Gallery, Silent Sunday or Reasons to be Cheerful, can really help build relationships with other bloggers. Linkies are weekly blog prompts, where several bloggers all post around the same subject on the same day each week and the host blog provides a list of all the participating blogs. You can add your link to this list too. Linkies are a great way to find new blogs to read and gain inspiration from as well as a way to get your name seen by other bloggers.

Optimising your posts for Search Engines is another thing to consider when trying to bring traffic to your blog. Now this may sound abit technical, but it really doesn't have to be. Two very simply tips to help you if you want to be found in search engines are remember to take a minute to think about the title of your posts and label your photos with descriptive names rather than IMG0894.jpg Just simply little things like this will have a big difference.

This Post is part of my Bloggingtips  Series for more Blogging help and advise about all things from finding the perfect topic to making money via blogging then please check out the rest of the posts by clicking on the badge below.

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