Friday, 5 April 2013

Things I learnt this week

  • Never expect things to go to plan.
  • Never expect trains to be on time.
  • Never try to cram three children and yourself through the turnstiles in the London Underground when your supposed to go through one at a time!
  •  Never allow three country loving, animal saving children to see mice jump onto the underground train tracks, without expecting them to want to follow! 
  • Never expect children to prefer looking at clothes to looking round a zoo. (even when the clothes really are lovely!)

  • Never take things for granted.
But other than the Do Nots, I also learnt that besides never leaving my, suddenly seeming so much smaller than normal, village without a chaperon, I can navigate my way to London alone with three children, and prevent a serious onset of Anaphlaxic Shock in a strange big city alone.


  1. Sounds like a stressful day Sarah but well played at dealing so well with everything London threw at you!

  2. Well done you! Typist may have had the fitty thing!!


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