Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Old Styles - New Fashions

Fashion has never been one of my strongest points, I somehow managed to get through my tween and teenage years blissfully unaware that what you looked like has a certain amount of impact on how people perceive you.

I was never really the one who wanted to have a certain style of clothes, and wasn't bothered about make up or having a new hair style. In fact as a teenager I was pretty boring!

I was pretty much happy to put on whatever clothes I could find, I was ecstatic when I managed to persuade my mum to buy me a branded pair of Adidas tacksuit bottoms instead of the 2 stripped non branded counterpart but that was about as much as my need to conform went.

My favourite item of clothing, as a fashion un conscious teenager, must have been my denim jacket. In fact I pretty much liked all things denim. Jeans, dungarees everything. Even when denim become abit less fashionable I still hold onto my faithful jacket.

me and my denim

For the past 20 or so years I have not really given fashion a whole lot of thought, my wardrobe consists of clothes which have been brought without any thought other than is it practical, will it last and does it fit, that thought process is what I follow through onto all clothing I buy including that for the children.

So it is a bit of a surprise really to have a daughter who is almost the exact opposite of me.

She loves fashion and wants to be in the know with what the pop stars are wearing, she will read magazines and then pick out outfits to make up her own style, and every month that passes I see her getting more kean to have the latest trend in clothing.

It makes me smile tho as I look through high street shop windows and see lots of denim, including  denim dungarees which are making a come back, maybe the fashion scene hasn't changed alot at all since the 1990's and I might have to call into New Look and see if I can find myself some new denim items, in the name of fashion of course!

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own (and yes that is me in the denim jacket!)

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