Sunday 12 May 2013

Review - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jigsaw

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been popular since the 1980's it has had peaks in its popularity throughout my childhood and now it is popular again.

The fun story of mutant turtles fighting crime is one that appeals to children from all generations, with lots of toys and themed products to match the new release of TV episodes which are currently showing on Nickelodeon. Its easy to see why children love these turtle heros.

We were sent a Ravensburger Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Jigsaw puzzle to have a look at.

This puzzle is aimed at children aged around 8 years old, it has 200 pieces and once complete is approx 36 x 49 cm which is a lovely size.

The picture depicts all four of the turtles along with the baddies including Shredder!

This puzzle is great quality like all Ravensburger jigsaws and it really is a perfect boredom buster for those horrible rainy days.

My 6 year old enjoyed having a good go at completing this puzzle and managed with my help, but the age of 8 is about right if you want them to complete this alone. The pieces are around 2 cm each and there is a large dark area on this puzzle making it slightly harder than some others in the ravensburger range.

If you have a Turtle fan this would be perfect present, something that will be enjoyed and after you have finished you could even glue it and hang it on the wall.

We really loved this puzzle and its one we have redone several times. Why not pop over to Ravensburger Puzzle club to see all the other puzzles being reviewed. And Follow Ravensburger on Twitter to be kept upto date with new releases and competitions.


  1. Looks like a fun puzzle, think my little boy might be a bit young for it yet, but one to keep in mind :)

  2. looks good - we always like ravensburger puzzles, they have so many varieties

  3. I really like Ravensburger puzzles. You really can't go wrong with a jigsaw can you?!

  4. This looks great, we have a few of the easier Ravensburger puzzles and Bud loves them. He does jigsaws every day.

  5. Love Ravensburger puzzles for Monkey and for me

  6. This looks like a fun puzzle for a boy. Miss M loves jigsaws and I think most of hers are from Ravensburger! lol

  7. Ravensburger always have lovely puzzles! It is definitely not my cup of tea as I don't have the patient to sit with my 3 & 5 years old to do it. I have to wait till they are a bit older before I introduce them. Lovely review!

  8. That looks really hard - look at that huge area of black!! :D

  9. That looks good, think it may be going on the list for Nephew birthday!


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