Friday, 28 June 2013

Quick and Easy way to make animations.

Blogging often means I'm thinking of ways to show my photos and ideas, I love to edit photos and I love to get creative an edit videos too, infact we all love to learn new things and teach ourselves different features of the latest creative programs.

Recently I have been showing my eldest all about designing on the computer, helping them to use paint shop pro and get to grips with the basics and its great to see them interested in this, because as children grow up it becomes a bit harder to find things to entertain them, technology helps of course, but quite often you find they are just simply sat watching the TV or playing games, no real thought involved, no longer needing to learn to match colours or numbers the educational benefits can sometimes be lost.

Of course there are lots of things to learn where technology is concerned and finding ways to interest children and entertain them at the same time is always a bonus, I find the creative side of technology hugely intresting, online images and videos are everywhere and the more eyecatching the better, and its great to be able to spark an intrest in creating the content that children look at so often.

Last year we were sent a copy of Zu3D which is a great stop motion animation software and it is something Chloe in particular goes back to regularly making new animation, Zu3D really is wonderful for children and helps them to learn how animation can work in a very real sence.

Yet drawn animation is something that Jake seems to be more interested in, and so Darren was searching out programs to help with that.

I have made animations all by computer drawings in the past, and it is a long winded process, especially if you are drawing each individual frame.

Darren set out trying to find a way to make animations quicker, and he came across GoAnimate.

GoAnimate is a very simple to use animation program, it works online so you don't have to download anything, and it enables you to quickly and fairly easily make fun animated video.

So over the past few weeks he and the children have been having lots of fun making up short animations. It is so simply anyone can do it.

Then Jake came home saying he had to do a homework project about the changes through the decades from the 60's to today - Hippies to Hoodies. And so he set about making an animation with GoAnimate.

With a bit of help from his dad, he has made a pretty good animation - take a look.

And if you want to have a go yourself, or think your children would like it, then be sure to check out the website, it is free to use in a basic way. You can add your own voice (as Jake did in his animation) or use pre recorded voices, you can pick through the characters and scenes or add your own pictures to make backgrounds and props, there are different options and price packages depending on how much it interests you. The more time you spend on the animation the better you can make it even without upgrading to a paid package - definitely worth a look!

We were not paid in any way for this post, we found this website whilst Googling, but it is so easy to use that I wanted to share so please take a look and Go animate!


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