Saturday 6 July 2013

Knights in Armour from Scleich

Last year we were lucky enough to be sent some amazing Dinosaurs from the Schleich range, we took the dinosaurs with us out into the woods, to photograph them, and I was amazed with the detail and realism of the figures. I love the photos I took that day, and the post is still hugely popular.

Of course the Dinosaur are still to this day a firm favourite toys too and get taken out to play where ever we go, and can often be found patrolling the garden.

Schleich toys are such  fantastic quality and very much loved by all aged children, they make perfect display pieces and fantastic role play toys that really do allow children to recreate fictional worlds anywhere.

The bedroom rug can become a wilderness landscape or the garden wall a tower that needs defence.

So when we were asked if we would like to look at the new 2013 Knights and armoured beasts range from schleich I jumped at the chance.

We love all medieval things, and already have a large collection of knights from other brands, the fantasy element you can add to the very real aspect of  history sparks wonder and a thirst for knowledge in most children, so its no surprise that knights have been a firm favourite here for the past 10 years.

Schleich figures however are much more detailed than most other figures of their size, they are hand painted and strikingly realistic at approx 3 inch tall, they are perfect hand sized figures and are made to the highest quality safety standards making them ideal toys for all ages.

In the new range available from June 2013 there are dragons and fantasy beasts, flying griffins and the classic Swordsman and cross bow knights in armour.

We were sent a knight with sword and shield, a crossbow knight and a horseback knight. The Rider on the horse has a magnetic base to hold him onto the horse and his axe can be removed which my boys love. The other two figures  weapons do not remove.

These figures start from around £4.99  the horseback figure is around £9.99 with the larger figures in the range priced at £19.99 making these not the cheapest of toys but for the detail and quality and longevity of these toys they are well worth the price tag.

The knights have fitted straight into the wooden castle we purchased from the early learning centre several years ago, and can turn everywhere into a medieval fortress, my boys love to take them with them where ever they go. Making the whole world into a fantasy fighting ground.

The great thing about Schleich figures is they have very few moving parts which means they withstand being roughhoused, they can be played with in the mud or puddles and can be quickly wiped clean after.

We really do recommend Schleich toys, and with so many themes in the schleich range from fairies to farmyard animals,  you are sure to find something to ignite the imagination of your children, and the beautiful characters will provide hours of entertainment and be loved for many years to come.

Do take a look at the Schleich website to see the full range.


  1. Your lad being a dood there at the end - priceless :D

    I think knights v's dinosaurs has got to be inevitable :)

    1. knights vs dinos has happened a few times already - if you look carefully into the blur of some of the backgrounds you can just about make out brochiosaurus ;)

  2. I love your photography here, the close up of knight on horseback (I think) is amazing, he's smiling at me!

    1. Schleich figures lend themselves to amazing photos :) x


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