Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Down Side to Dogs

We are huge dog lovers here, having Jackson has been a joy as he comes upto his 3rd birthday he has grown up and turned into a lovely dog, and he has taken to our new Springer Spaniel Lacey really well.

Having two dogs at home has brought its benefits and its negatives.

Jackson and Lacey really do love to play and spend hours running around and playing together, instead of spending his hours sat looking out of the window and waiting for our adventures into the woods, he now has a permanent playmate to play with at all times of the day.

Seeing how Jackson has accepted Lacey into our family has been lovely, people say Boxer dogs never grow up and it certainly mirrors his playful behaviour having a new puppy here to chase and play with and someone to stop and rest with too.

both dogs have brilliant natures and are fantastic with the children, having a dog is one of the best parts of childhood, a faithful friend who will always be there to share the fun times.

But of course having two dogs has doubled the trouble, having a new puppy has meant that we have had to go through the chewing thing stage again, the learning to rules of the house and building up the trust to enable us to leave her home when we go out.

Then there is of course the other bad bits of owning a dog, the food intake had increased, and so obviously has the dog muck to have to clean up. All doubled when you have two dogs instead of one, and of course the hairs!

The one thing which is probably the most annoying about being a dog owner is the sheer amount of hairs that they loose, it seems a never ending battle wiping the floors and collecting up handfuls of fur!

The rugs collect so much hair and I am not sure I could manage without our trusty Vacuum cleaner.

When we brought Jackson home as a puppy I was not sure how much a boxer dog would malt, but I have since found out that they do indeed malt alot, especially in the summer months, coupled with the added hairs from Lacey I really do need a new vacuum cleaner, and have been having a look at the range of  Vax Hoovers at TJ Hughes who offer fantastic discounts and home delivery, I like the look of Vax hoovers, with Vax being a leading name in vacuum cleaners that are known to offer great value and quality. Having a high performance vacuum cleaner can help so much with allergy suffers as they really do get rid of all the allergens trapped in carpet and are a must for pet owners.

Even with the hairs I don't think i could ever be without a dog, because no matter what, they give the best of hugs!

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  1. Aww!! Your dogs are so cute and adorable!!! Cuties!! :D

  2. We have to have some small flaws! BOL


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