Friday 2 August 2013

Pet beds with colour and style

If there is one thing about having a dog its having a whole new set of things to purchase. dog leads, collars, food bowls but the most important of them all is possibly the dogs bed.

After all it is the dogs bed that your pet will spend alot of time on, unless of course you don't mind them sleeping on the sofa, and it is something that you will have taking up a lot of space in your home.

With so many dog lovers, the pet market is a huge one, and there are loads of stores to purchase dogs beds from, with beds coming in a whole array of shapes, size and styles, ones that are beanbags, or fleece ones, or even those that look like chairs.

But the over whelming thing you notice when looking for a dogs bed which matches your personality, style and room decor, is the colour options are quite limited.

Quite often dogs bed come in dull creams and brown tones, the ones which are patterned are often covered in cartoon dogs or bones. But really do these fit into the style of everyones room, dogs beds are big space takers, especially when you have a large breed of dog. The pet bed is as much part of the decor as the sofa or rug,  it does seem strange that browns and cream dominate the market, and as much as we love our furry friends do we really want dog paw prints as the colour scheme to our living room, or even our bedrooms if your pet sleeps in with you?

So when I was told to take a look at  Joules Website, a countryside lifestyle brand who specialises in bringing colour and style together, and noticed they have a lovely selection of Dog beds I was pleasantly surprised.

I love the range of bright colours and bold patterns,with out a paw print or a dog bone in sight. I especially like the stripe Mattress bed, which is available in several sizes with a medium bed priced at £30.52 and a large which is 125 X 79cm in size and is priced at £45

I also like the shape of the snugglebeds which look really comfortable. These are available in several choice of colours including a wonderful floral pattern, and a green tweed pattern, these beds are also available in several size options and start from £24.99

There are also beds in pale blues and even a pheasant detailed pattern if you wish to add a extra countryside touch to your pets bed.

There really are some nice colours which I haven't seen in other pet shops, so if you are on the look out for a new pet bed, and want something that is a little different, then do check out the selection at Joules for a unique exciting choice.

This is a featured post on behalf of Joules, but all opinions are my own.


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