Friday, 6 September 2013

Focus on something new

Thats it - Summer over. 

The children are all back at school and as I sit here in a silent room I know I should be making sure I get on with the list of things which have been left to one side for the past 6 weeks due to the hussle and bussle of children with the demands for attention.

Yet I find myself instead not really sure quite where to start. I want, as I have for many many many months to really give myself a shake and pour all my creative flair into something that I can really bite my teeth into, something I enjoy doing that will build myself a bit more of a regular income. 

But thats the un answered question always isn't it? What is the one thing I want to focus on, which thing should I really try to give all my attention too to drive forward?

I think at the moment I just simply cut myself too thin, I have so many bits and bobs, little activities here and there, and don't get me wrong I love each aspect  and thats why they all get their tiny bits of attention, but without the full focus each one isn't brilliant. 

Doing several things ok isn't really as good as doing one thing well - or is it? 

I don't know, I guess I have always been the last to make a firm decision, always abit undecided on what to do and that shows in my jack of many traits personality.

New school year tho, new beginnings for all three of my children, new experiences and time for change, especial for Jake as he heads into senior school. Maybe I should take this time to knuckle down and really focus on something to make that one thing better.

Just to decided which direction to go in I guess....


  1. Good luck in deciding. I'm a bit like you in the sense that I will have a lot on the go at the same time, but a focus is a good thing.

    1. Thanks Angela, I love that quote I put in here, I just need to keep reminding myself to actually do the things whizzing round my head instead of just think about them I guess :)

  2. I dont have any school-age children left at home, and haven't done for several years now, but I always still think of September as a new time to start. I've just made 3 decisions that will hopefully make an impact on my life over the coming months, and even maybe years - keep an eye on my blog!
    Good luck with your decisions, best thing is to make a list, and then pick one thing on the list to do, just to see how you get on.
    Joy xx

    1. Thanks Joy, I hope your new decisions bring you lots of good things - will keep my eye on your blog for updates!


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