Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Doodles - valentines printable images

I have been doodling using my Wacom Intuos tablet - and I thought I would share them here.

a bright and colourful doodle
First I was doodling various shapes and colours and experimenting making them have a 3D effect - this reminds me of the google doodles

black and white doodle

I also doodled in black and white centered around the word LOVE with a couple of black birds chirping to each other, then on the love theme I drew some cute valentine images which you could print out to make a great personalised valentines message to the one you love.
love birds clipart doodle

A lovely free valentines gift  - to save any of the images here simply right mouse click then select SAVE IMAGE AS you then can print out the image as many times as you require and use them to create your own cards and gifts.
printable hand drawn valentines message

And finally I sketched my beautiful dog - Jackson

boxer dog computer hand drawing

All images are my own designs and creations but I am happy to share for personal use, as long as you give credit back when sharing them online and do not claim them as your own.


  1. You are so talented, I love the sketch of Jackson!

    1. thankyou Dalton - I am not that talented yet - but always learning :) Inspired by the many many extremely talented people around and about


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