Monday, 17 March 2014

Pac Man Pac Panic Spinners from Bandai

Pac Man is an iconic video game character which almost everyone will remember to some degree, the little yellow blob which got chased by ghosts as he tried to find his way through the maze.

Well as years pass and technology improves PacMan has evolved too for a new generation to enjoy.

Pac Man and his friends now star in a new TV series; PacMan and the Ghostly Adventures, which shows on DisneyXD accompanied by a brand new video game with a 3D Pac man character.

This new series is popular with children and so Bandai have produced a great selection of toys to go along side the TV show and game.

Included in this range of toys there are soft plush figures, action figures and vehicles and the fantastic Pac Panic spinners.

We were sent a Clyde the ghost spinner to review.

The spinners are a robust plastic toy which come complete with a standing base, so when you are not spinning you can use them as a great show display or action figures.

The spinners stand around 3 inches tall and have great detail, realistic to their character they depict.

The spinning action is slightly hard to master but once you get the hang of it they spin really well, the secret to get the PAc Panic spinners spinning well is to rev them up on their side, meaning you have to tilt the body of the character slightly and run it forwards along the surface a few times in order to get the spinner in a fast spin, then place the character upright and he will spin really well, of course there are other ways to do it, simply sliding the character at an angle across a large surface will sometimes result in the character correcting himself and then going on to spin, however if you try to spin them straight upright you will have difficulties.

The PacPanic spinners also come complete with a free APP game code, which allows you to download a game app and bring the Pac-Man characters to life on your phone or tablet.

Overall we really like the Pac Panic spinners they are a great little toy - which look great displayed on a desk or sideboard for all PacMan fans who love to collect game memorabilia.

Priced around £6.99 these are affordable and if you collected several characters in the series you could happily set them all spinning together and create all sorts of games.

Take a look at our video reviews below,

See how to Spin your Pac Man Pac Panic Spinners in this video:

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