Wednesday, 28 January 2015

2 months

Another month has flown by, January is always a fairly busy month, with my eldests birthday and the wind down after Christmas, coupled with school plays and performances, this month has been more focused on the older three than baby Noah, who has so much just slotted into our family.

He is of course finding his own way, he is growing so very fast, was 13lb 7 at 6 weeks old -  due to his love of mummy milk.

Breastfeeding is going great for both me and him and we have enjoyed the freedom it brings we can nip out anywhere without having to take much at all, he is not a sickly baby and hasn't actually ever been sick, and thankfully doesn't suffer from colic.

I am not one for routines or schedules and as such I can't even begin to suggest what routine he is in, because he simply feeds when he cries and sleeps when hes not feeding, he is a content little thing tho and will happily be passed from person to person, awake or asleep, although he is happiest in my arms (where the milk is!) he does however give the best smiles to his siblings who all love to make him smile.

He has not yet chuckled, well not proper baby chuckles, but I guess it won't be much longer as he does sometimes almost chuckle, he does however grumble, well more grunt which is when he has wind, but he very rarely cries and only if I am pre occupied and hes been grumbling for too long and gets impatient, but is always easily soothed with a cuddle.

He no longer fits in the first sizes (hasn't for several weeks!) and 0-3 are very tight so we are into the 3-6 months baby grows. Talking of baby grows these seem to be his attrie most days I have so so so many beautiful clothes but its always the baby grows which I lean towards,  and have developed a love for strips so most of his clothes are strippy (or plain white) and even with the boxes and boxes of clothes its always the same few which circulate.

Night times are pretty much governed by the same none routine as the days, often early evenings are spent awake, either feeding or simply watching whats happening with everyone else, not properly sleeping till about 11pm however then the sleep seems more settled and heavy than through the day and I have noticed a few nights where he will sleep till around 4am which is great for me.

He still sleeps in his moses basket by the side of my bed, well that's where he starts the night but normally he is beside me, in my bed  by the morning.

He has great head control and is a strong little thing, getting more and more inquizative about the world as each day passes.

The official stuff I guess is also worth a note - he had his 8 week check at 6 weeks and I guess 'passed'  with a wave from the Health visitor saying shes at the end of the phone should we need her, the next 'review' will be around 9 months old, but I am not really one for the tick boxes on papers, he is having his 1st Jabs and doctor check up tomorrow.

But right now, with him snuggled in the crook of my arm as I sit tapping away at my keyboard I think we're doing just fine.

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