Sunday, 4 January 2015

The First Month

4th January 2015 a month since Noah was born,  4 and a half weeks, 31 days,  how very quickly that time has passed!

Becoming a parent of a newborn, be it for the first time or by adding to your family is an exciting time, and the days fly by so fast, without recording the memories somewhere it is all too easy to look back on the first moments in a blurry haze, yet so much changes in those first days, weeks and months its one of the most important times in life to try to capture the memories.

 I seem to have missed writing anything down about how things have changed around here, and if I don't write my birth story or the recording of those first few days and weeks since bringing Noah home then I may forgot these times and only be able to look back on the newborn days in a blurry baby daze.

So over the next few days I will hopefully be writing up the pre birth, birth and early days posts :)

4th January 2015 - 1 month old

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