Sunday, 15 March 2015

3 months

Slow down Little boy!

The days are flying past, I can't really believe its been 3 months already. In alot of ways it's like Noah has been here forever, he really has slotted in just perfectly, in others it seems like 2 minutes ago when I was a mum of 3 with no intentions of having another baby.

Noah is doing really well, he is such a calm contented boy, breastfeeding is going great, still not much in terms of routine, but he is happily awake for longer spells and he does sleep for the vast majority of the night now.

He is a little character and has everyone wrapped round his finger already, with his smiles and gurgles and his funny faces.

He is growing so much, he now only fits in 3-6 months clothes and some 6 - 9 months vests, I'm not sure how much he weighs as I still haven't been to the weighing drop in session (it is on my to do list!)

He is in size 4 nappies now too which seem so big! His clothes are still very much baby grows - I just can't bring myself to dress him in anything else because he looks so cute in a baby grow!

He has great head control, although he doesn't really like tummy time, he prefers to be sat up on someones knee, and he is starting to take notice of his toys and reach out for them.

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