Wednesday, 29 April 2015


It's nearly May, nearly Summer again, the days weeks and months are wizzing past faster than I ever thought they would, I am sat here now Noah sleeping on my knee and I once again have flicked through my facebook timeline and then landed on my own blog, but today I am tapping away at the keyboard determined to actualy hit publish.

When Noah was born I set up this new blog and had hopped it would rekindle my love of blogging, at the end of a day whats better to blog about but the firsts of a baby? But things haven't really worked out that way, 5 months have passed and  I have not actually managed to blog very much at all, its not that I don't want too more that I am not sure what to actually blog about which seems kind of crazy when there is more happening right now than perhaps at any other times that I have blogged.

I want a personal diary, to remember the little things, to look back on for myself and for the children to look back on, a online photo album with inputted memories, a baby book perhaps or more of a family memoir, but I am also concious of over sharing, ever more so now my eldest are older and have their own stories to tell. What is there story and what is mine?

Becoming a new mum again with a brand new baby but also having the been there done that knowledge of previous children is a strange sort of place to be.

I guess theres only one thing for me to do however, and that is actually to get over the 'what shall I blog' thoughts and just get the words down one way or another, at the end of the day even if my ramblings seem mundane now, they will be the memories I long for in years to come.

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