Tuesday, 12 May 2015

5 month Update

Five months -  wow.

I find the time passing so very strange, in one sense it seems like Noah has been here for ages, in another I simply can't believe its 5 months already.

With the passing months he is growing and changing and simply becoming a whole little person.

The new born days are over now, he is certainly finding his place in the family. He is awake most of the day now, only napping for a short while (mainly on the school runs!)

He is very chatty and giggles loudly at all sorts of things, he can roll front to back and back to front, so has some way to get around the floor, he also can sit independently up now which is his preferred pose, no longer content to be laying down he wants to be right in the center of things, demanding to be talked too and entertained.

It's bitter sweet the changes, the development, I love of course watching him grow, flourish and learn new things, we all marvel at the speed he seems to pick things up and cheer him on as he watches his siblings seemingly learning new things by the day.

But I know all too well that the passing days, every new milestone, takes away a little of the baby and as exciting as it is watching him grow it is also a little sad.

 I adore the moments snuggled up on my lap as I feel his warmth like a little hot water bottle, I love feeding him and knowing I can sooth him like no one else, I love the smiles and the wonder in his eyes. and I am trying to soak up all these moments as I know they are passing so very fast.

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