Monday, 11 May 2015

Garden Project

We have the smallest garden, and it was never really very practical with children and dogs, the small square of grass was more of a mud hole than a nice place to sit.

Darren had many times said he wanted to change the garden, update it and make it more useable, so last summer he set his plans into action and with the help of Jake he decided to start the garden project.

This involved cutting down the conifers, removing the trampoline and building a summer house in their place.

Darren planned and designed everything himself, and built the whole thing with just the help of Jake

We built it on a budget and recycled and upcycled as much as we could, we purchased the 2 windows from ebay for £10 and the doors £25

We used old rail fence to clad the front and old pallets to make the outside decking area,

Inside we kitted it out into an old English bar, by using a old leather sofa for the bench seats.

and lots of old nik naks from our memory boxes to add character,  every item has a story, the porcelain dolls from Darrens mums collection, the clay pigeon shooting trophy from his dads, the old pound bank note, the toby jar and even the boat steering wheel to remind us of our canal trip.

Over the winter months we didn't do a lot outside, but recently with the weather picking up we have been out doors again, opening up the Sheddington Arms and adding some more finishing touches.

Darren always loves a project so he set about also making a snack shack, somewhere to keep an additional freezer, (with having a tiny kitchen we have only a small freezer in the house so an additional freezer is very handy)

This snack shack also is the home of Darrens signature dish - his King D burgers, home to the chip fryer and the george forman grill to keep the greasy smells out of the house, and double as an out door BBQ area it works amazingly well.

There is still some work needed, the edges of the garden are a particular source of annoyance as Lacey (our springer spaniel) is intent on finding any spare section of mud and digging in it, but overall the garden is so much more useable now and I can't wait for the rest of the summer to enjoy it.

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