Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Pet Butterfly!

Butterflies, they are such interesting things, so delicate and beautiful, almost full of mystery.

Children are fascinated with them, yet because they are so delicate they don't often get to see them  close up.

You may have seen the live butterfly sets, which you can order online, and 'grow' your own real life caterpillars into butterflies then release them, I have not ever tried a set like this, after a bit of a disaster with a live ant farm a few years ago and a poor outcome with some sea monkeys I think its perhaps safe to steer clear of the live butterfly gardens.

So when we were offered a My Pet Butterfly to review, with the information of a life like robotic butterfly inside a plastic jar, I was intrigued to see exactly what it was.

When we received the butterfly which comes in bright blue and green packaging, the children were instantly fascinated by it.

The butterfly is amazingly realistic, it flutters around the plastic jar and sits at the side flapping peacefully.

You can tap the top of the jar to interact with your butterfly and it will appear to do as you wish depending on the amount of taps on the jar.

We placed the butterfly on our mantle piece and it sits there fluttering away when people brush past it or make loud noises, at other times it flutters peacefully by itself as if by magic.

Everyone who has come round has instantly been drawn to this amazing butterfly, from a distant it is impossible to tell it is not real, its movements are delicate and it flutters and flaps in a random motion which has such a realistic effect.

Young children are amazed by it, and love the fact it interacts in response to their movements. The plastic jar is clear with a silver cap, which looks just like a large jam jar,  it has 'my pet butterfly' motive on the side but this does not stop you from easily seeing the butterfly.

This is an truly imaginative unique item, and would make a wonderful present for both boys and girls of any age. it is something everyone is sure to be amazed by including the dogs and cats!

My Pet butterfly is available in both a glass jar, and a fully child save plastic jar.

The robotic butterflies come complete with 3 x AAA long lasting batteries which is what controls their motions via a hair line wire which connects to the butterfly providing it with vibrations which result in its wonderfully realistic movements.

You can purchase a My Pet butterfly, which comes in a variety of 4 colours representing real butterflies Monarch, Swallowtail, Blue Morpho or Pink Morpo online now for just £14.99 click here to go to the website My Pet Butterfly. and get yours today, this delightful gift would definitely make a wonderful Christmas addition for everyone from the latest member of the family to the oldest!

Here is a quick Video Review we have made enjoy x


  1. stephanie parfey27 October 2011 at 13:41

    brilliant review, I hope my daughter likes her one we've got her form Christmas.

  2. I bet she will love it they really are a great iteam!


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