Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rainbow Pictures!

We received a Rainbow scrapper set from Toys R us, made by Reeves.

We have had this sort of set in the past, foil scrappers and the like, some of them are very difficult to scrap, the tools can often be metal which make a terrible grating sound as you scrap, and the level of accuracy needed is high.

This kit is a bright rainbow design, in the kit you get a picture board, we received the Dog design, on a 10inch by 8 inch board, and a plain black board which you can use your own imagination on.
You also get a child proof plastic scrapper, which is easy to grip and scraps away the black smoothly (without the scratchy noise!)

Chloe who loves all things arty set about on this straight away, the age rating says 4 and above, in reality I think 4 year olds may struggle to get a good end results, Chloe is 8 and managed easily, she created her own doodle on the blank board and followed the pattern on the dog, the scrapper tool made scrapping easy and you do not need to put alot of effort into scrapping away the black, the colours are bright and the end results are rather stunning, however a certain amount of attention to detail is required as there is no sections which can not be scrapped away, so you do have to stick to the pattern, which some younger children may struggle with but this toy is a great way to encourage their fine motor skills and concentration.

I think this is a really lovely set that older girls would thoroughly enjoy and would keep them happily occupied for an hour or two over the Christmas Holidays, so it is definitely one to keep an eye out for, and I would say spending the extra money on the Reeves brand name is worth it, as some of the cheaper sets we've had do not scrap away so easily and end up with ripped sections where too much force has ripped the board.

Here is a video for you, for more reviews remember to take a look at the Toys R us facebook page and the Toy Box app.

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  1. We had this too and I was quite excited about having a go of it myself. It's quite hard though, I agree.


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