Saturday, 22 October 2011


We love puzzles here, my eldest often sits down and completes a jigsaw, and my youngest is just starting to get really good at jigsaws and can happily complete them himself now.

So when we were asked by Ravensburger if we would like to be part of their Puzzle club, we jumped at the chance.

If you don't know who Ravensburger are, then where have you been hiding?! they have over 100 years of experience in the market and their puzzles are amazing quality and come in thousands of designs, they have a Puzzle to suit everyone, and not only do they make Puzzles but other things too like Flash Cards, Family games even arts and crafts.

Being apart of the Puzzle club means I am one of 12 other families who have been invited to test out and review puzzles for them, and post the review onto their new Puzzle Club Blog, which is a place where you can find out new puzzle designs and see what everyone has to say about the puzzles!

So be sure to pop over to the Ravensburger Puzzle club blog, follow it via google friends connect and keep upto date with all that's happening over there, I will be posting my reviews here for you too, The first puzzle we have been sent is a lovely Cars 60 piece giant floor puzzle, and the amazing Ravensburger puzzle store board,  I will have the review for you very soon.

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