Wednesday 9 November 2011

Blogger... Blagger?

There seems to be a heated debate at the moment about bloggers, especially Mummy bloggers, being blaggers, more so obvisouly those ones who do reviews, am I a blagger then by default?

I do alot of reviews as you will probably already know,  I was thinking today about my blog, and how much I have come to love it, I love taking photos to share on Sundays with everyone else, I love writing reviews and being apart of the Toyologist community, I enjoy joining in the odd linky and discovering new blogs to read.

I started this blog almost a year ago, my first post was this one : New Year New Blog I vowed to stick with this blog, after having dabbled in other blogs such as Moments to treasure, which although I loved just didn't feel right like they were almost fake and not personal, I love photos but I am not a professional and this site just didn't sit that comfortably, it didn't feel like it showed me, hence why I decided on this blog, and how it got its name, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've stuck to this blog, and when I started it I did not realise the huge world of PR companies and reviews,  I have changed, and adapted my blog over the months, because thats what a blog is all about, it isn't a set in stone thing it is like life and can adapt and grow.

Reviews have almost become the main focus, and like I say I do thoroughly enjoy doing reviews, and have received some truly stunning products in the past few months, things without this blog I would never have been able to afford myself, I feel truly privileged to have the opportunities my blog has brought and I will definitely continue as much as I can with this.
I spend alot of time on making sure reviews are researched, that photos are original and that my opinions are honest. it takes me alot of time to write reviews and I love making it a whole family thing. I hope that the PR companies who offer the products to me to review are pleased with my write ups and photos/videos of the products, some of my youtube videos have had over 36'000 hits, and so many of my review posts get hits daily from google, so surely that's great in terms of PR the companies definitely get something back from offering me the products, and the time I spend on researching, writing up, photographing and editing videos of products I  sure feel like I have earned them.

I also love sharing photos and those times I will enjoy looking back on in the future, like holiday memoriess and general fun days, and I love doing a review and hoping it is helpful to someone who is interested in whatever product it may be, making them personal to us with our own photos and videos.

I have had one of the most roller coaster sort of years ever, things happened that I have deliberately not blogged about, and others which I have enjoyed sharing, and the reviews have given me a focus and reason to stick with this blog, is blogging and revealing  everything that happens ever such a good idea? do people want to know the boring mundane things that happen? is posting reviews as a primary factor the way to go? is it right to say a blog should only included great written posts? or is it a case of just finding the balance? but where do you find that balance? where are the unwritten rules for a blog? I am guessing that there isn't answers to these questions, you blog what feels right with you, and thats what makes blogs so special they are all so very different, 'mummy bloggers' all have their own little corners of the Internet, and they all have different scales they are balancing on, and no matter if you blog souly reviews, or open your heart up about everything that happens in your life, it is your blog and you do it your way, the Internet is big enough for everyone

I see blogs as individual posts, I often search google for reviews before purchasing a product and much prefer to see products in action and write ups from real people who are using said products to stock photos and the company produced banter to make us believe the product is all singer all dancing. I also love to read about what other people are doing in daily life, I love looking at photos, and capturing glimpses into other peoples lives, I love everything about blogs and I see it that we all pick and choose what we read, and all i hope is that people no matter how they come across my blog, be it for a review, a photograph or a personal post like what they find.

My blog, my way, and I have no intentions of changing a thing... if I'm a blagger then so be it, we're having fun making our own paths in the huge huge space that is the tangled inter web!


  1. People love to complain & cause an uproar about absolutely nothing. If it wasn't 'blagging' it'd be something else. Daring to use a new advert, for example...

  2. yes I agree Damian, people love to have a gripe about things, ultimately it changes nothing, so people have to just carry on and as long as your doing what you enjoy and its causing no harm to anyone else, then carry on and don't worry too much about it :) x

  3. Carry on enjoying your blog!! We have such fabulous opportunities and we work for them. We don't need to justify it to anyone, as long as we conduct ourselves with integrity :) Damian is right...someone will always be moaning about something!! Not even Geoffrey is safe!! xxx

  4. So true! You don't have to justify yourself to anyone. Poor Geoffrey :-(

  5. Great post. I think your reviews ate great, well written and thought out. I think there's a place for all sorts of blogs.


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