Saturday, 5 November 2011

Transformer - Mechtech Bumblebee Leader

We received the Transformer Bumblebee MechTech Leader as part of the Toys R us Toyologist Program.

This Bumblebee is normally priced around £44.99 and is one of the largest bumblebees in the transformer mechtech range.

Compared to the smaller bumblebee we have reviewed (review found here) This bumblebee has alot more detail and features for the price increase.

The Bumblebee Leader transformer is stated as age 5 + the same as all the other transformers in the MechTech range, however this Bumbebee is much harder to transform and is in my opinion more suited for the older age range, maybe the 8 and above.

The mechtech features as with the other transformers relate to the weapons which connect to other weapons in the range, however unlike the cheaper priced transformers in the mechtech series the mechtech weapon with this Bumblebee has the added feature of lights and sounds. (batteries come included)

This is a highly detailed Transformer which would be well appreciated by all older transformer fans, and collectors, my 9 year old still needs to check with the instructions to transform this Bumblebee but the sense of achievement is higher when he does complete thee transformation, my younger 4 year old loves the mechtech weapon with the sounds and lights, but really the smaller cheaper transformer is more suited to his age range.

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