Saturday, 5 November 2011

Transformers - Ultimate Optimus Prime

We received the Ultimate Optimus Prime as part of the toys R us Toyologist program.

This is a Huge Optimus prime, it is one of the largest Transformers. Priced at around £79.99 it is also one of the most expensive. For the money however you really do receive a lot of details and a really high quality transformer, which has 3 modes to transform into.

As with all the Transformers in the Mechtech range this transformer has an age rating of 5+ however this transformer has a difficulty rating of 3 which means expert, and that is exactly right this is very difficult to transform but you are rewarded in a  highly detailed Optimus Prime in both robot mode or as a Truck. Also this Ultimate Optimus Prime when Transformed has the cabin and the trailer, which is a great feature as most Optimus Prime Transformers do not have the trailer feature.

With the Ultimate Optimus Prime you also receive a huge Mechtech weapon which has several sounds and light which activate when you connect the weapon onto the several places of the Robot mode or the Truck mode, also the main feature of the Mechtech weapons they can connect together with other Transformer weapons in the series.

As this is a extremely detailed transformer which is very difficult to Transform, I personally think it is best suited to the older age range, who would truly appreciate all its features and attention to detail, however it does have so much to offer I'm sure any Transformer fan would love to see this under the Christmas tree this year, it is sure to be something that Dads will have as much enjoyment out of as well, as they will no doubt be needed to help with the Transforming.

 Here is my video Review comparing the different Transformers in the Mechtech range.

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  1. there is a new version (repainted/redecoed) of ultimate optimus prime in connection with the Year of the dragon :)


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