Thursday 22 March 2012

Milky the Bunny

Easter is one of the holidays I love the most, the weather is starting to get abit nicer the flowers are starting to bloom everywhere, the spring lambs and Easter rabbits are out in full force.

But along with all the lovely nature side of things, there seems to be an ever increasing commercial side of Easter, all the shops are full of Easter Eggs, and chocolate treats, but is it really great to rush out buying huge Easter Eggs for our children some of which don't come cheap at all? I've always tried to think of different gifts instead of the chocolate varities like the lovely Rabbit Jigsaw Puzzle, which would make a great Easter gift idea, but if you are wanting something with a bigger wow factor then this might just do the trick.

Milky Bunny Easter Eggs

Milky bunny, is an interactive robotic snow white bunny made by Flair who fits the Easter Bunny theme perfectly!

Milky the bunny by flair emotions pet

Priced around £50 - £60 (although you can find sellers cheaper if you search online) Milky is certainly not a small gift, however the lovable nature of this toy means it is sure to be a huge hit for alot of chidren who long for their very own rabbit.

Milky has several features, she makes cute little noises, chomps on her carrot and giggles when you tickle her feet, blinks her eyes crinkles her nose, flaps her ears and kicks her legs.

feeding a rabbit milky bunny toy

With sensors located in her head, hand and feet she responds to your touch, and to loud noises, so try not to scare her!

Milky is really rather cute, but the real draw factor to my daughter is that although she is a robotic toy she is still very soft and cuddly and since arriving here she has been snuggled up with every night in Chloes bed.

Milky the bunny soft and snuggly in bed toy girls

The responses Milky has, for the sensors in her hands, feet and nose don't always respond when you touch them, and the feeding can be slightly difficult to position, but this seems to make Chloe think Milky is even more realistic as I'm sure a real bunny would not want to be force feed every 5 minutes!

Milky takes 4 x AA batteries which don't come supplied so make sure you have some of them to hand before you unpack Milky.

We have had Milky here for over a week now and shes been well played with and not out of batteries yet, which is rather good because I've found these sort of toys are rather energy hungry.

Milky the Bunny emotions toy interactive rabbit

Overall Milky the Bunny is a lovely toy, abit different from the interactive dogs and cats you normally find and the cute bunny is sure to appeal to lots of young girls.

We received Milky Bunny to Review for


  1. I think these sorts of toys are great and also would be good for giving to a child before a new addition to the family. However the eyes do seem a tad freaky! x

  2. Is this still available


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