Wednesday 28 November 2012

Hello Canvas Review

I have often sat and looked at other reviews of Photo Canvas printing companies and every time I always think 'oh I must do that' but you know how it is something comes up and then someone needs new shoes or food or such like and my wants are last on the list of priorities.

So when I found an email in my inbox a few weeks ago asking if I'd like to review a photo canvas from HelloCanvas I was thrilled!

I took a few weeks pondering which photo to print onto the canvas, which was silly really as I settled with the one I knew I would as soon as I received the email, my all time favourite photo of the children and Jackson at the beach. I do love the moody colours in the sky and the light shinning onto the water that shillouttes the children.

Mark at Hello Canvas had asked me to send him my best photo that I didn't think they could match the quality of, he told me that Hello Canvas were the largest creators of photos onto canvas and helped take peoples greatest moments and make them into breathtaking photos on canvas.

So this photo above (which is the exact file I uploaded for my canvas print), that really is one of my favourite moments, seemed perfect, I really do love the picture but had never printed it out, always instead admiring it on my computer screen, I wondered if I would love it as much when printed and wasn't sure if the details I loved so much like the glistening water and pink light fleck in the sky would be lost, but I needed of questioned as I was not disappointed at all.

 The day after I sent my photo I received an email telling me my canvas was on its way. It arrived quickly via courier and when I opened it up I really was amazed at the quality of the print out. The detail is perfect the colours amazing and it truly is breathtaking.

There isn't a drop of detail which is missing and the colours although fractionally darker than on screen  are just perfect.

It is really difficult to get to portray the quality of the print out  from taking a photo of the canvas but I hope it comes across in this picture below, which is a photo of the canvas un edited without flash which hopefully shows it in all its glory.

The attention to detail and high quality level is clear, with the canvas being stapled onto a wooden frame neatly and professionally, and a sticker stating that they wish you to be happy with the product  however if anything has gone wrong then not to hesitate in contacting them which is reassuring.

Everything from the initial contact to the email informing me my delivery was on its way, to receiving the canvas was plain sailing and worry free.

If you, like me, have seen other reviews and heard of people raving about photo canvas prints but haven't yet indulged yourself by purchasing one, then please don't delay you will be blown away by the quality of the canvas produced by the HelloCanvas team and you will simply love displaying your favourite photos in such a great way, there are loads of sizes and prices to choose from, the website is user friendly and helps you decide on the size and how to crop your photos with ease.

Canvas start at just £13 for a 8inch by 8inch canvas and go up to a very impressive 36 x 56 inch canvas which would truly make a magnificent show piece. We were sent a 20 x 28inch canvas which is a lovely size for hallways, on landings, bedrooms, over fireplaces - anywhere really Priced at £37 it is affordable too.

The only problem you'll have is deciding where best to showcase your prints! I am yet to decide on the final resting place for ours as I am currently debating on ordering a whole load more to make a impressive photo canvas feature wall, but for now it is looking rather grand above the fireplace in the front room. Definitely take a look at and if you know anyone who loves photos then these would make a perfect Christmas gift!

If you are wanting to grab yourself a beautiful Canvas, the lovely people at HelloCanvas have offered my lovely readers a 5% off discount code, which has no expiry date and CAN be used in conjunction with any other offer... so this is perfect to add on to all orders before Christmas even if you are taking advantage of the special Christmas offers which wil be coming up in the next few weeks!

The code is : LBMAR2012

Merry Christmas!


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