Saturday, 1 December 2012

A real Christmas Fair!

Yesterday was the local Christmas light switch on, and the council had coupled it with a visit from the fair and a fireworks display, a local radio station was putting on a show too so I thought we'd go along. If you remember my post about the Circus coming to town, you'll remember these sort of things are not really Chloes favourite, and she panics about the noise, the dark, the scary rides, more so in the past couple of years than she ever did when she was younger, so she was not as eager as me and the boys about going along, but once we got there she soon got into the spirit of it

christmas fair swadlincote town center dec 2012

This is the first time I've ever been to a Christmas light switch on show and I am so glad we went along, the atmosphere was great, the entertainment awesome and we all had so much fun!

The radio had local singers from the collage performing and they were all amazing, they also had some famous faces, which the children loved, like Darth Vader!

darth vader swadlincote christmas lights 2012
There was of course the complementary food stalls and sweet treats that looked great all lit up

food and drink van christmas lights fair swadlincote 2012

and the rides, so many rides,

swadlincote fair december 2012 I wanted to take so many more photos but with so much going on I hardly had a chance, the fair is at Swadlincote every weekend now until Christmas so I may well go back just to take photos!

swadlincote derbyshire fairground ride 2012

The only down side being the price, every ride was at least £2 per person per go, which means that money disappears so very fast, a firm favourite for my three is the Fun House, even Chloe dared go on and she loved it!

swadlincote fair christmas 2012 lights switch on After we'd ate burgers, candy floss and other sickly goodies and experienced the thrill of the fair

lollipops at the fair
we went back to town centre to see the light switch on and firework display, it was heaving with people, you could not move at all, but the fireworks were amazing and wowed everyone!

firework swadlincote chistmas light switch on 2012

I actually managed to set my camera into the correct mode and capture some great shots of the fireworks

swadlincote december lights christmas firework display 2012

swadlincote december lights christmas firework display 2012
and then the countdown to the lights and the town was lit up.

swadlincote december lights christmas display 2012

It really was a great evening, I may even put up my own Christmas decorations and lights now!

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  1. These Photos Are Fantastic .........
    So Pleased You All Had A Great Night ;) x


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