Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ikea Soft Toys - Great stocking Fillers

There is always so much to think about at Christmas and making sure you have the main presents sorted is all good, but often the most enjoyable things about Christmas day is opening the stocking fillers and its always great to put in a soft toy, finding cute toys which your children might not have sen on the high streets is great, as they really could have come from Santa Claus himself.

Ikea have a great range of soft toys which fit the bill perfectly for Christmas gifts.

The beautifully designed woodland animals in the Vandring range really are lovely, with bears, owls rabbits and little hedgehogs ranging from just £2 they all are perfect stocking fillers, great quality and very cute!

Then there is the Klappar Cirkus range, which includes glove puppets and traditional circus soft toys, again many are priced below £5 which is unbelievable value for the quality of the toys, the designs in the Klappar Cirkus range are quirky, original but have that traditional feel to them as well, which really does set them apart form other soft toys available.

We were asked if we would like to review a couple of toys from the range and highlight Ikeas SoftToy campaign, which pledges to give 1 Euro to their favourite childrens charities UNICEF and Save The Children for every purchase in their Soft Toy range.

We were sent Vandring Igelkott, who is a small approx 15cm tall Hedgehog clutching a strawberry, he is a very cute little thing so very soft and squidgy and when you squeeze his strawberry he squeaks! Priced at just £2 he is great quality and very lovable for all ages.

There is also a book in the Vandring series called The Hedgehog leaves home, so purchasing the two would make a lovely gift.

 Then we were sent Klapper Cirkus snake puppet, this snake is just so much fun, with his cheeky smile, and top hat, he is the ring master to all the shows!

Not only is he a great size - approx 130cm long, he is bright and colourful and he was instantly loved by all three of my children ,and has been pulled and tugged at many times as they argue over who gets to play with him!

He has a hand opening under his head, which is big enough for an adults hand but easy enough for a smaller child to manage as well,

Once you have placed your hand inside you can open and close his mouth and make him entertain your audience! Priced at £6 he is a lovely toy, great quality, fun, promotes endless imaginative role play games for all ages. I really do love him!

So if you are still looking for that extra special gift from Santa then do take a minute to look at the IKEA range of toys as I'm certain you will find something you like.


  1. i had never thought of Ikea for gifts! i dont know why as i love Ikea. Will have to check them out :-)

    1. There products are so different to other stores that they really do make gret gift ideas, the toys are amazing quality great price and Lovely deisgns so you can't really go wrong can you?! I must admit tho its not the first place you think to browse when looking for presents, which I guess is a shame! You can purchase most online too which makes it even better!


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