Friday 14 December 2012

Something you want... something you need...

Making sure the pile of presents on Christmas day fits the illusion we all have of brightly coloured boxes wrapped with love and care spreading out from under the tree can be a bit of a daunting task.

My budget is always rather tight and I try hard to avoid the need to buy big boxes of goods which come New Year no one will want or use.

I heard someone once say the best way to shop for your Christmas gifts is to buy something from each of the following categories; something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read, and using this for the whole family means a good selection of things is waiting on Christmas morning and you'll still be happy with the selection come the New Year.

So when I was contacted by Barratts asking if I'd like to trial out ordering shoes online via their website, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to fill my 'something you need' section by refreshing everyones Wellington Boots because if we get the snowy weather in January we'll all be prepared, but Wellington boots are a real 'need' item for dog owners and families who like to be outdoors!

Jackson was rather impressed with the selection, and thought it meant walking time, but I am wrapping this lot up for Christmas day, so instead he just sat and got into the shots for this review!

For my youngest I picked out the bright green ToyStory Wellington Boots.

These funky wellies have the familiar characters from Toy Story movie Woody and Buzz on them and are available in infant sizes 6 to 11

My son is a size 11 and these don't look over sized at all compared to his other shoes, although I am yet to try them on him, my first impressions is that these are great quality and I was impressed with their £9 price tag

For my eldest son I choose the traditional green wellington

As a fashion conscious 10 year old, he is not really kean on the bright character wellies anymore, however these wellies are perfect, good quality sturdy wellies which are practical and match with any outfit, perfect for long walks through the woods all through the year. Available in Junior size 3 to 6 again great price at just £9.60

For my daughter I picked out some bright flowery pink patterned wellies from the ladies selection as she is now a size 3 and most of the ladies wellies start at size 3 and go upto size 9

These wellies are lovely, although they do look a little on the large size, I am sure they will be fine worn with thick socks! They have adjustable straps on the side and a low 2cm heel they are Priced £12.50 available in sizes 3 to 9 but have low stock in lots of the sizes so be quick if you want some of these this Christmas.

Then I treated myself picking out a pair of funky black flower pattern wellies

I have rather large feet - size 9 so its not always easy to find nice patterned wellies.

These are great and I can't wait to get out walking Jackson in them, I am sending these to Santa to open on Christmas Day but I did try these on and they are a large size 9 but perfectly comfortable, the top opening is large but can be adjusted with the side straps a little, and it gives you plenty of movement for wearing jeans and thick socks! Priced at £15 in sizes 3 to 9

I found it very easy to navigate the Barratts website, they have a great selection of wellington boots, and lots of other shoes for all occasions, there is sure to be something for everyone this year as a must have Christmas gift. Every step of ordering online went smoothly I created a new account and paid via paypal, I then received email updates about the delivery.

If you are still not sure, right now there is a 30% off sale - which meant for all 4 pairs of Wellington Boots above I paid just £32.27 The discount is on EVERY product even ones which are already in a sale meaning you can find some real bargains.

The 30% off sale is available online now by entering the special offer code : CRACKER at the checkout also enter code FREEDEL to get free delivery on your order.

Last order day is Wednesday the 19th December for UK mainland orders so there is still time to browse the website and pick out some fantastic bargains!


  1. gosh i havent bought from Barrett's in years even then i never thought of trying online! doh

  2. Pleased to see you are getting yourself into more reviwes Jackson pal, I think you should try to photo bomb every post! BOL Keep up the great work!

    1. Shhh Dalton - he wouldn't budge from the wellies when I was photographic them - was rather dissapointed they didn't lead to a walk!


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