Monday, 3 December 2012

Poundland Christmas Review

Our Second Challenge as Poundland Ambassadors was to spend £20 in store and stock up on Christmas Essentials!

I Love Christmas, but once again I have left the organising and buying of presents and decorations till now, and with the first day of Advent upon us, this challenge has given me a nudge which I needed to get into the Christmas spirt and buying mode!

With three children it is always a case of budgeting to make sure money goes as far as it possibly can, and poundland has such a great selection it really does make Christmas shopping easy.

If you remember in October we had the Halloween Challenge which was to spend £20 on Halloween goodies, which we really enjoyed, this time the challenge was to find items that fit into several Christmas categories such as stocking fillers for children, party ware, table ware, tree decorations and so on.

Now I read the challenge and then rushed out on Friday with my vouchers in my hand eager to go and see what I could find, but I made a couple of blogger boo boo! firstly I forgot to take my camera to the store with me so unfortunately I haven't got any photos of the fantastic range to show you, and I forgot to write down the set themes I was supposed to pick items for, I also didn't plan my shopping spree before hand - I should have searched Poundlands website which shows you their range of products!

But besides these minor points, when I went into my local poundland I was blown away by the lovely selection of decorations, gifts and wrapping, I completely forgot to stick to the challenge and I ended up spending more than the £20 we were supposed to - thats how much great stuff there is in poundland this year!

When I got home I loaded up the email and tried to sort out my haul into the categories, I have picked out just 20 items to show that you can get a bit of everything you need to have a great Christmas without breaking the bank.

The first thing we were asked to take a look at were the decorations, Tree decorations and General decorations, the choice is huge, with plenty of variety you will definitely find something to match any colour scheme, with frosty white tinsel tinted with blue, or the traditional red and green and many more!

I love the traditional feel of Greens and Red at Christmas so I picked out a red and green traditional holly garland, and two lovely nutcracker tree decorations. These lovely little wooden decorations have so much character.

For general decorations I picked a lovely Reindeer wreath and a fun 'Days till Christmas' chalkboard, which I know the children will love to update until it says only 1 day to go!

Then I took a look at Tableware and Treats, which are a must have for every Christmas party.
Poundland have a great selection of chocolate Santas, candy canes and traditional Christmas sweets such as After Eights which are a bargain price of 3 boxes for £2 (thats less than half the price of my local village shop!) and always popular with Grandparents!

I picked a Toblerone and a tube of Munchies which are perfect stocking fillers and always remind me of Christmas. As far as Table wear goes I selected a 2 pack of tableclothes and a large red plate, which will be used to place Santats Mince pie and Rudolphs carrot on, on Christmas eve, and a pack of 24 gold party plates for a Boxing day party.
It's amazing how dressing a table with a festive table cloth really makes the room look so much more Christmas spirited!

And if you are hosting a  Christmas Party, there are lots of themed Dress up items, I picked out a fun elf hat, a great accessories for all Christmas parties at work or at home, great value too at just a pound!

Then we were asked to pick out some stocking fillers for Children.

This was easy, as there is loads of choice, from cute cuddly toys, to books and DVD's, art kits, stickers and craft supplies and jigsaw puzzles!

I picked out a set of 4 animal puzzles, a cute funky monkey toy and a Penguin, and of course Poundland do a whole range of fun stockings too, so I also picked out a light up stocking with a snowman design.

But Christmas isn't all about the Children is it, and Poundland have loads of fantastic giftsets and gifts for adults  great scarves and keyrings, perfume and shower gel. Something for everyone!

For Adult stocking fillers I picked out a pink glittery scarf and a letter diamante Keychain.

Then thinking about all these great gifts you need some wrapping paper, there was a great range in my local poundland, high Quality shiny paper was £1 a roll, and the more traditional paper was 3 rolls for £1 thats a great price, and there are lots of different designs to pick from.

 I also picked up a giftbow and ribbon set which will compliment the papers perfectly and add that special finishing touch to my parcels this year!

Poundland also have some lovely Card packs, as well as individual cards, I picked out a glittery pack of 20 cards which will be perfect for my children to write for their school friends.

The final part of our Challenge was to pick out 2 piece of homeware, such as turkey roasting tins, tea towels and other practical items to make sure Christmas runs smoothly, now its not that there wasn't a great selection, but I simply forgot about this when I was in my local poundland so unfortunately I don't have any to show you, but I did instead find some great Childrens craft activities which either make fun activities on the run upto Christmas or great extra gifts on the day!

So thats it, 20 great items, loads of Christmas ideas and all in a one stop shop!

 Poundland also have a Great Pinterest Competition running at the moment where  you can win £250 voucher in time to do all your Christmas shopping!

If you want to be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize, then simply go to Pinterest and create a Pinterest Account, and Follow Poundland.

Then create a 'Poundland Christmas' board and visit the Poundland Website to find upto 20 items to pin to your board. Once you have done that submit your entry via the poundland website here Where you will also find the full terms and conditions.

You can also find most of the products I have mentioned in my review on my Poundland Christmas Pinterest board please do take a look here:  Sarahmumof3 Poundland Christmas


  1. Oh I really really miss Poundland not living in the UK - I hate to think how much that would cost me here in Cyprus if I could even find it! I saw some After Eights the other day and they were the equivalent of £6!!!!

    1. oh blimey!you can't beat a god poundland shoping spree, do you have relatives who could send you some After eights over? lol

  2. Wow, you got loads of stuff for £20! Bargains! x

  3. great shop! I love those nutcraker decorations! Didn't see them in our store!

  4. i would not mind being a poundland ambassdor, as always in there, how do you get involved in all these things and reivews etc


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