Monday, 3 December 2012

Winter Garden Sort out

The past week has seen a real change in the weather, it has gone from cool Autumn with bright yellows and golds as the sun shines to frosty winter with greys and cool greens as the frost covers the floor and adds a Winters feel to everything outside.

I do love watching the seasons change, and I wish I had more time to spend tending to my garden, which unfortunately gets left to do its own thing, but right now we get to witness the true changes in nature as the plants die down and return to the soil uninterrupted by gardeners melding hands (well thats my excuse for having an Au natural garden anyway!)

There are of course a few things I try to keep on top of, collecting up old leaves as they fall, and tiding up the shed, making sure the bikes all fit in over the winter months, checking outdoors plumbing is important too, with the freezing weather on the way it can cause havoc for uninsulated pipes, and pond pumps. If you have a pond you will be aware of the importance of making sure it is kept free of leaves to prevent a sludgy build up come spring, but thankfully there are lots of pond accessories to help with this job as it never was one of my favourites!

Helping the wildlife is important too at this time of year, with insects dying, and food on the decline for the birds, it is always nice to add some extra bird feeders to the garden to encourage the little visitors.

But really its just a matter of motivation and getting outside even when its cold and muddy and dull, because it may be warm and snug inside but once you get outdoors it really does brighten up the day witnessing nature and all its glory.

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  1. i too have done the garden/shed clear up this weekend. I hope to god we don't need anything out the shed for another 5 months!!

    1. thats how I feel about our shed too - the problem is the children still ask for their bikes - which is nice.. but I don't like the getting in and out!


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