Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tree Fu Tom Party!

There is excitement brewing here as we have been asked if we would host a Tree Fu Tom Twitter Party on the 19th February between 4pm - 6pm

Tree Fu Tom Party

This has pleased Mikey no end, last year when we first saw Tree Fu Tom, the Cbeebies show about an 8 year old boy called Tom, who uses movements to perform magic, it quickly became a favourite, and as with anything the children like, Mikey soon started asking me to make him his very own Holopax and magic belt. I heard many parents asking for the same, and wondered if there was due to be any merchandise to run alongside the series, and then we were told that we would have to wait until Spring 2013 until we saw products appearing in the shops.

Well that wait is now over, as Flair have produced a fantastic range of toys,which are due to be released next week,  including figures and playsets, role play dressing up accessories and even great interactive movement rap mat to extend the Tree Fu moves into your own home.

The range of toys sounds fantastic with items that are pocket money prices right through to top wish list toys, and we will be putting them through there paces with the help of our party guests to let you know if they get the thumbs up of approval.

You are all invited to come and join us so you hear first about this exciting new range of toys, be sure to join in on Twitter where I will be live tweeting about how we are getting on, there will also be lots of fun and game ideas, printable activities so you can join in, or you could use to host your own Tree Fu Tom birthday party, and plenty of chances to win prizes. So be sure to come over to Twitter and follow the hashtag #TreeFuTomToys

And if you haven't yet seen the show then keep an eye out for it. It is an enchanting show which really captures the imagination of children, Tom encourages children to join in the actions and this helps assist their development, the moves have been designed especially to help children with movement disorders such as dyspraxia, but the are fun for all children.

Tree Fu Tom plays on Fridays on cbeebies at 5pm, or you can catch up on episodes on BBC Iplayer.

Take a look at what we have in our party box in my video below.


  1. This show is brilliant! The movements have helped my son's difficulties no end & the best thing is he doesn't know that its therapy. After telling his physiotherapist about the show, she's now going to recommend it!

    Can't wait to see the toys!! All Charlie has is the free figures from the special Cbeebies magazine!

    1. it is a great show, even my eldest two will watch it (btu they prob wouldn't want me broadcastign that!) look forward to seeing you on Twitter if you can make it to the party x

  2. My son will be so excited, he gets the free gifts from the magazine but they don't last long. He loves this show, and it's the one time he sits still.

  3. Oh, me and Aaron LOVE Tree Fu Tom.

  4. The name just gives me the giggles every time I hear it Tree Fu Tom, it sounds like some sort of Tofu for karate experts!

  5. If we lived neared we would come! My son loves Tree Fu Tom and I had to make an outfit for him last year, I ended up sewing lots of leaves all over his trousers and tee shirt, he already had the moves and was delighted to prance around as Tree Fu Tom. Have a great party!


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