Monday, 18 March 2013

School Shoe Sorrow

It doesn't seem two minutes since the summer was over and everyone was returning to school after the long break, Christmas came and went in a blink of eyes and now we are on the brink of the new Summer term. It seems only a short while ago that I was frantically rushing around looking for new school uniforms, yet already the children seem to be outgrowing the clothes that were brought 6 months ago and the tops are looking considerably more worn!

Then this morning I found Chloes school shoes desperately needing replacing, they are only a few months old, but she is so very heavy on her feet and wears through the soles quickly. Not a great thing to come across at 8 o'clock on a Monday morning, why no one had noticed or she hadn't mentioned this to me on Friday I don't know.

Admittedly I brought her cheaper shoes this time, and now I am wishing I hadn't.

So today I am having a look for some good quality shoes, that hopefully will last abit longer, like the kids Startrite shoes, which may be a bit more expensive, but at least you know when you buy shoes from top branded names, that you are getting the best quality and they are made to last. Start Rite shoes have over 200 years of expertise and really are leaders in footwear for children, I have brought them in the past and always been very impressed with the quality.

Start Rite don't only do school shoes, in recent years they have used their knowledge to create a range which covers all your childrens needs, and they do sizes to fit children upto the age of 12 There range includes shoes to match all occasions from formal days to casual times at the beach too, I think I will have to start planning the summer season footwear with the children now that we are starting to get abit of sun.

 This is a sponsored post - but all opinions are my own
 - yep they really are Chloes school shoes that I found this morning!


  1. I feel like such a crap mother when I've turned over my kids shoes & seen where the hollow soles have worn through! Where possible its worth spending a little bit more on something they ware for 5 days a week!
    I've learnt the lesson of 'Buy cheap, buy twice' too often.

  2. My daughter seems to go through a lot of shoes - do you ever remember the comic book character " wear em out wilf " that is her - i might give these guys a shot actually


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