Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Country Kids - windy walk down the river

We didn't manage to get outside as much as I was hoping this Easter holiday, the weather wasn't great, but that doesn't normally stop us too much, but remember I said we had got ourselves a new Landrover.. well typically shortly after it decided to break on us!

So we were stalled, having to wait for Darren to fix it, Thankfully he sorted it out eventually and it is all working again... He does love to tinker with things and the old Landrovers are abit like an adult mechano kit, which is fine if you find that fun, me personally hate mechanics and cars that don't work really grate on me, there have been far too many times I have sat watching Darren poking and prodding around under a bonnet!

But still the Landrover is working again now, so we decided to take it out for a drive even tho the weather never did give us the sun it promised, (well not until yesterday once the children were back at school!)

We decided to go not far from home, and went to Tutbury in Staffordshire, Famous for its castle.

We didn't actually go to the castle grounds this time,  instead we opted for  a windy walk along the river.

Mikey took along his metal detector to search for treasure, but it was really to windy to stand still for very long, so I soon got the pleasure of carrying that while he opted for climbing trees!

As windy as it was, it actually wasn't as cold as it has been, I still was glad to have my coat on but my children were stripping down to just T.Shirts it gives me hope that we are indeed heading slowly towards summer.

The Weir at Tutbury is beautiful, on a warm calm day its a great place to skim stones and even paddle in the shallow waters.

After a nice few hours blowing the cobwebs away - quite literally, we returned back to the car, and the children enjoyed playing in the park for abit.

Did you get out this week? I'm linking this to CountryKids over at Coombe Mill encouraging everyone to get outside and active. Why not Follow the link by clicking on the badge below to see what else there is to do outside.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Looks like your kiddoes had fun despite the windy weather!

  2. So sorry the Landrover is giving you trouble, I so loved your post introducing it for this year's family days out. Hope it stays working again now for you all. I think your kids must be like mine, you say the weather was not great but they are running around happily in t-shirts regardless! A lovely outdoor post, thanks for linking up.

  3. Looks like fun and you got some great pics! Sounds like you lucked out with the weather ;o)

  4. Gorgeous photos. Looks like you had a great family walk in the fresh air. Love the cartwheel pic...Wish I could still do that! x

  5. Love the handstand photo! My boys don't seem to feel the cold either and I'm forever trying to get them to keep their jumpers on :D


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