Friday 31 May 2013

Bin Weevils Bling Collectors Tub and Jigsaw Puzzle - Review

Bin Weevils, what are they? Well if you have school aged children you may already know.

Bin Weevils are a set of critters that live, yep, in bins. Brought to life in an online interactive world which children can create their own pet weevil, chat to friends and play online games.

As with other online games such as Moshi Monsters and Club Penguins children really do seem to enjoy this sort of online activity.

My youngest in particular often talks about Bin Weevils to his friends at school, and loves to set up his own bin where his weevil lives, customising it with posters and gadgets he has collected from playing the games.

Bin Weevils online is free to play, but you can also upgrade to a paid for membership on a monthly subscription. This allows you more customisation options in the game.

Along side the online world, there are lots of Bin Weevils merchandise.

Children love the familiarity of characters they know, so having products that feature the little creatures from the Bin Weevil world is always going to be a hit.

We were recently sent some Bin Weevils products to take a look at. The first was a Ravensburger Jigsaw puzzle, this brightly coloured puzzle features loads of interesting characters, aimed at children aged 6 and above it has 100 pieces.

bin weevil ravensburger puzzle

The great ravensburger quality makes this a perfect gift for any Bin Weevil fan, or even any jigsaw lover who is yet to experience the Bin Weevil online world. The bright fun characters make it appealing.

Also in the Bin Weevil merchandise range is mini collectible figures, we were sent the Bin Weevil Bling Tin to have a look at.

This tin is a great size for storing in lots of of the little figures as you grow your collection.

Included in the tin is 6 mini bin bot figures and 2 slightly larger golden figures. These figures are special collectible figures as unlike the normal figures they have been 'blinged' the two larger figures Tink and Clot are golden, and the 6 smaller figures are crystallised. Making them rare and a must have to impress friends in the playground.

You aso get a sheet of small round bing stickers, but we were not quite sure what this was for as they didn't really fit anywhere on the figures!

golden bin weevil figures

Along sized the collectors tin, you can buy blind bags with individual bin bots, to expand your collection, and swop with friends, or you can buy larger figures and play sets.

bin weevils rare collectable figure sheet

Take a look on the Character website to see the full range of BinWeevil merchandise.We loved the Collectors bling tin, the larger figures are very detailed and a great size, bigger than most collectibles which are more in line with the bin bots.

The love of the online world means these little collectible figures will be a hit with anyone who has played the online game, but the quirky characters also make for intresting role play games even without seeing the virtual world.

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