Friday 31 May 2013

Getting rid of stains on childrens clothes

Children make a mess, its a renowned fact, if something may make a mark on the brand new top, then children will head straight for it.

Mine in particular seem to stain their clothes regularly. What with running through mud and grass, their clothes never stay clean for long, so when we were asked if we would try Vanish  I instantly said yes.

I have used Vanish in the passed, and added it to my normal wash just to add a bit of umph to get things clean and it works really really well.

This time however, I thought I would really run it through its paces.

In the leaflet that came along with my two tubs of Vanish it gave examples of stains and how to get rid of them.

So I thought I would give it the ultimate real stain removal test and make my own mess.

I grabbed a felt tip pen, some make up and the trusty tomato sauce. I drew, smudged and squirt each onto a white school polo shirt.

I wasn't convinced that Vanish would get rid of the marks. They looked pretty nasty.

Vanish can however, be used in three ways. 1) put a scoop in your normal wash, 2) add direct to a stain or 3) soak.

With my stains looking abit tough, I decided to go down the pre treat route. and so I mixed up some vanish oxi with water and used the scoop to give the stains a rub.

The tomato sauce came away straight away, the pen and make up dulled but was still very visible.

So I decided to soak.

I filled a mop bucket with 4 liters of water and added a scoop of vanish,just as the instructions on the tub suggest, then placed in the stained top

Vanish has a nice smell about it and you can almost see it working.

After a couple of hours I took the top out, and I was pleasantly surprised to see all the stains had in deed gone! There is a funny sort of smooth feel to the clothes after being soaked, so they do need to be washed as normal after. but they come out perfectly clean.

So if you have some tough stains and you are looking at a way to get rid of them, then look no further than Vanish, great for all the nasty stains including baby poop, grass, red wine even blood stains.

Take a look at  the Vanish website to find out how to remove certain stains, or follow vanish on facebook to see upcoming offers.


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