Tuesday, 21 May 2013

School trips and packed lunches

We were asked to trial Flora butter products as a part of a sponsored shop insight study on behalf of Collective Bias Social Fabric community. I decided to swop my normal butter for Flora to pack a healthy lunch for my youngest on his school trip to the science museum. With a busy day out it is essential that children have something healthy to keep them going.

I often struggle with what things to pack into a lunch box, so I had a look over at the Flora website which has some great recipes and ideas  perfect for healthy snacks to go in lunch boxes.

The website has a great selection of sandwich fillings which I hadn't thought of trying before with the children such as Pawn and cucumber or curried chicken and apricot. All these sounds lovely but when out on a school trip I wanted to ensure that we went with something I know Mikey likes.  I decided to pack him up a Tuna Salad sandwich, making it even healthier by using Flora spreads.

Flora spreads are made using a blend of natural seed oils and contain healthy omegas 3 and 6 also boasting that Flora has 70% less Saturated Fat than butter, switching from Butter to Flora means you can make your lunch boxes healthier without your children even noticing. I must admit we are all huge real butter fans but Flora Buttery really does taste as good, so you can have it without the guilt that comes when you use real butter.

After deciding on our fllings and eager to give Flora a try, Me and Mikey headed off to our local Sainsburys which is a smaller than average shop to grab the lunchbox essentials, including Mikey in the shopping always makes him eager to eat everything in his lunchbox.I took lots of photos while we shopped,  you can take a look at them in my Google+ album

I wanted  to ensure Mikey had a healthy lunch and so we brought plenty of salad, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce, coupled with tinned Tuna and sweetcorn for the filling. Of course the best part  of a packed lunch, according to children, are the snacks to go along side the sandwich. Mikey picked out some Fromage Frais tubes and some flapjack bites along with an apple to finish off his lunch.

If I'd of been more prepared  I would of baked my own flapjack using Floras new Cuisine which has 45% less saturated fat than olive oil, but for now Sainsburys ready made flapjack fit the bill, I will however be giving the flapjack recipe  on Floras Website a try when we are not on a time scale for a school trip.

Mikey was really happy with his lunch box and couldn't wait to go and explorer the science museum this morning.  I was happy that he had plenty of food to ensure he could enjoy the day without hunger getting in the way.

When he returned home this afternoon the lunchbox was empty and Mikey had had a lovely day, he returned home full of stories of the things they had seen.

The Birmingham science museum is a great place for a school trip,  Mikey  favourite part of the day was the play area which he said had a water area and lots of cars to fix. He was also eager to show me the souvenirs he brought home which included a postcard with a picture of an old Electric Tram which they had all seen at the museum.

ThinkTank looks a fantastic day out not just for school trips but as a family too, after Mikey being so excited about all that he saw I have looked at the website and found that lots of the hands on workshops are available to everyone at a reasonable price. It is certainly somewhere I will try to take all of the children too this summer.

If you have a school trip  or a family day out that you need a picnic lunch for coming up and wonder what sandwich fillings to try then do check out the recipe on Floras website and make a sandwich a really satisfying healthy meal choice for everyone in your family.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.


  1. We often get stuck in a sandwich rut - it's been ham and dijon for a while, but today we did brach out with a sausage and brown sauce one!! Not exacty healthy though...

    1. sausage and brown sauce sounds like a tasty sandwich filling!


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