Monday, 20 May 2013

Family ties that are broken

Today is my Grans birthday, I have written before about my Gran, the wonderful memories I have and the sadness it brings to see her grow older and unable to do the things she once so loved.

The pain in her eyes is ever present and it doesn't help matters that the relationships between my mum and and my uncles is strained to say the least.

Trouble from years gone by pops up and haunts them all. As families go ours is rather broken.

But at the centre of it all is an elderly lady.

A lady who no matter what, has always helped and cared and tried her best.

8 years ago we held a surprise party for my Gran for her 70th Birthday

It was a rare get together which saw half of the family in the same room. Where everyone managed to smile and get along, just for the day. I wrote and printed out a poem for her that day:

The years since have not been kind. A fire destroyed not only my Gran and Grandads possessions but burnt even more bridges between their feuding children. Jealousy, Greed and lack of communications making small problems into huge mountains. The traits I despise most coming out in all those people I am closest too.

This weekend has been a tough one, my Grandad has been unwell and rushed to hospital.

Not only is there now worry about his health, but also the care that is needed for my Gran in his absence.

Every time something is brought up the family ties that should hold people together in a time of need are there strangling anyone who tries to do some good.

Today, my Grans birthday, but no party, the same set of family from 8 years ago once again in the same room but not under such pleasant circumstances.

Tomorrow is another day, and life passes too fast.

If only those that matter most could realise that the thing that ties them all together, are worth so much more than the bitter squabbles and angry words.


  1. My large family have similar problems. I no longer speak to my Mums siblings and it is very upsetting. My Grandparents are no longer around to witness how greedy & spiteful their kids turned out and my lovely Mum would be turning in her grave.

    Sending you a knowing hug, wishing your Grandad well and I hope your Nan gets to enjoy her birthday xxx

    1. Thanks Emma, its worring how many people turn spiteful and greedy when their parents can no longer stop them isn't it. I have seen it to many times and there really is nothing in the world worth more than family and happiness... both of which you loose the second you let greed overtake you

  2. How sad. In my family we never talk about money and no one knows anything. I always think this is a fault but maybe it's best that way. Who knows. Lots of love to you and your grandparents. xxx

  3. I feel your pain, it's not a nice situation, I've been there!

  4. So true, sending a hug!

  5. That sounds like an incredibly difficult situation... I hope your Grandad recovers quickly...

  6. Very true and so sad. Big hugs x


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