Sunday 19 May 2013

Sonic Blasting Iron Man 3 - Review

Iron Man is a hugely successful Marvel super heros character along with the rest of the Avengers and all the super heros are always popular with children and adults alike. With the release of  Iron Man 3 film in cinemas right now it seems Iron Mans popularity won't fade any time soon.

So when we were sent a huge 15 inch Iron man figure to review my boys couldn't wait to have a look.

sonic blasting iron man 3 large toy figure

The box is a good size, and iron man is clearly visible in all his glory.

The figure comes needing a slight bit of assembling - just simply clipping on his two feet, and he requires 3 AA batteries which do not come included.

bullet firing arm sonic blasting avenger marvel hero iron man 3The similarities to the action figure that children will be familiar with is amazing, and you can see the attention to detail on this figure.  The eyes and centre of chest light up blue and he makes great action firing sounds.

Iron Man comes with enough bullets so that you can afford to loose a couple (and that happens within a few minutes normally!) the firing sonic blasting arm works really well it turns and pops out a bullet every few seconds, the bullets fire a fair distance but are not powerful enough to cause damage to people or breakables so its a safe toy to play with indoors.

marvel super hero iron man 3 sonic blasting bullet toy

This figure is a great toy and one that my boys have picked up a fair few times, and hes been packed up for trips to grannies too which means he is well approved of.  He also makes a great display model, standing steadily by himself he is perfect to display on a shelf, so has appeal to the older super hero fans too.

Priced fairly average for a figure of this size at around £29.99 from all good toy shops, Iron man 3 sonic blasting figure would make a nice present for all the Avenger Super Hero fans.


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