Saturday, 15 June 2013

Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts From Poundland

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. The day where we can say a big thank you to dads everywhere and let them know they are important.

However I am abit slack with these sort of things! And always leave my gift buying to the very last minute.

The children love to make homemade cards and pictures which I think are always the nicest true thought included, but sometimes a brought gift is nice too.

Poundland sent me some of their Fathers Day gift range to have a look at, and I am very impressed, they have a great selection of products which are perfect extras to add to the handmade gifts and cards, which means you can show you care without having to break the bank.

Included in the range of gifts from Poundland, are fun FamilyGuy themed items which are great for anyone who is a Family Guy fan. The fun Beer glass would make a great gift.

Poundland also have a great selection of gift bags, cards and wrapping paper, the quality has really improved over recent years of the cards and paper you can now purchase from pooundland.

There is also a great range of gifts 'for him' these included all sorts of little gadgets from wooden puzzles to grow your own football pitch sets.

And of course the very cute dog cuddle toys.

If you haven't yet brought a little something for Dad, there is still time to get to Poundland and pick up something fun.


  1. The fathers all over the world will be so flattered that many generous bloggers are writing about them, even about the best ways to pamper them on this special day to honor them. These fathers day gift ideas all over the net are very nice, might add some of them to my own list. Thank you very much and Cheers!

  2. Poundland has done an amazing job! I love such kind of fathers day presents. Especially when the time is too short.


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