Saturday, 15 June 2013

Appreciating music again

It's funny isn't it how through life you go through various spells, and different things become popular at different times.

When I was a teenager I loved Music, always listening to the radio, buying the latest CD with the newest release from my favourite bands.

Through my teenage years I went to several music concerts, listened to all sorts of music, a firm feature was the radio, always listening to the charts on a Sunday, and enjoying finding out about new releases before I could afford to buy the CD for myself.

But then things changed, I'm not sure why or when exactly, but slowly over time I stopped listening to new music, I guess it was having children and the room filled with their noise and there was no period of time which could be filled the radio.

I stopped knowing who was in the charts, who was releasing new tracks and certainly couldn't tell you about any bands who were touring.

But now the children are older and I have started to notice over the past few months music is creeping back into the house, obviously music has always been a feature, with Darren who loves to sing and play guitar so there has always been a music presence but its not music that I've notice making a increase into our daily lives but the radio.

This pleases me, because there is such a good variety on the radio, listening to new songs I haven't heard before and being reminded of old favourites too,  all the music reminds me of the concerts I attended in my teens.

I loved the thrill of being in the arena filled with other fans and the loud music ringing out. I think there is nothing better than enjoying a concert, the electric atmosphere that builds from being in a huge crowd all enjoying the same thing.

So when I got an email asking if I would write a post featuring bands performing at the 02 arena it was perfectly timed.

The 02 arena is the second largest arena in the UK (second to the Manchester Arena) and one of the largest  arenas in Europe making it the busiest arena in the country and one that lots of top performers tour at.

With a capacity of 20,000 the atmosphere at an 02 concert must be amazing and I hope to get to go and see someone perform there one day,  there is such a variety of events at the 02 All sorts of bands have tour dates there, from current bands like JLS to bands who have been around since the 80's like Depeche Mode, who are touring in November 2013 celebrating 30 years in the music business you can book Depeche Mode tickets online on the 02 website along with all the other event tickets and find out tour dates and information.

It  won't be long before I get to take my three children along to a real concert, and enjoy the thrill of seeing their idols live on stage and I can't wait!

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  1. I recently went to the Emirates with my daughter to see Green Day, was a great experience to share!


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